Will the Real Fizzygrrl Please Stand Up?

Hello my lovelies!

Several people have asked me where the name Fizzygrrl comes from.  I thought I would take the opportunity to explain myself a little bit and see if I can’t help sort out the crazy that is me, 😉

I went to the same school my entire life until my senior year.  Right before school started, we moved to a nearby town and I was suddenly a new student. I didn’t mind this at all as the school I had spent preschool through my junior year at, well, I wasn’t particularly well liked there.  I got beat up a lot.

My senior English teacher was a cool lady.  I liked her, and she seemed to like me, even if I was the laziest student there ever, ever was.

One day, she was giving us an assignment that was based off her her finding a word that she felt summed each of us up.  I couldn’t tell you what the assignment was, actually.  It’s entirely possible I didn’t even do it.

But I do remember being called up to her desk for her to give me my word.  She told me she’d had a hard time coming up with something that could sum me up in a single word.  I found this horribly flattering, by the way.

In the end, she said, she’d found it.  My word was Effervescent.

I loved it.  I was bubbly!  Weeee!!!

When the time came a year or so later to create an online moniker for things like email and chat rooms, I thought back to my word.  It’s true, I am bubbly.  But I also have a very feisty side.  And thus, in the interest of having a fun email name, Fizzygrrl was born.

A few weeks ago, as I was tinkering around to help out a Pitch Wars entrant, it was said, “Either you are the most honest, generous, and charismatic person I have ever met on the Internet, or you are an AMAZING politician.”

I don’t know about all those lovely things he said, *BLUSH*, but I gotta say, I hear things like that a lot.

The curse of the internet is that you never really know who you are talking to.  For all some of you know, I could be a 60-year-old dude with who isn’t even a writer and collects miniature ponies.

It has happened many times over the last few years online in Mommy Groups and general Myspace/Facebook/Twitter activity that someone comes to me and says, “You know, I absolutely hated you when I first saw you posting.”

Awesome.  Cool.  Good feels.

“I thought you had to be the fakest person there ever was.  No one could be that happy all the time!”

Yes.  Yes, I have been hated multiple times for being a happy person.

These confessions are usually followed by the person saying they eventually realized I *AM* in fact a giant ball of WEEEE because there is no way a person could keep that kind of spunk up for that long.

Sure.  Why not?

Here’s the deal about me.  I am a bubbly motherfucker.  I always have been.  I am like an ADHD kitten with a bag of catnip in an obstacle course.

BUT.  I have my downer/ragey days.  And I am very open about them.  I am very much a heart on my sleeve kind of gal.  If I’m feeling emo, you’re going to see Emo Fizzy Tweets.  If I am pissed off?  There will be Captain Cut-a-Bitch posts.

Whenever I meet someone that I have known online in real life, I almost always ask, “So. Am I what I look like online?”

I think most people are terrified that I am indeed the same cluster of crazy in person that I am on Twitter.

Think about that people.  I am sitting here wearing an ERMAHGERD A ERNERCERN!!! t-shirt as I write this.  And yes, I do say ERMAHGERD out loud.  I am *that* person.

So, I understand that not everyone is going to dig my particular breed of spastic.  I respect that.  But the reality is that I actually am the same online as I am live and in living color.  I don’t really know how to be anything else.  If I’d been better at faking personalities, I probably wouldn’t have gotten beaten up as much in school for being a weirdo.

I am all about the silver linings, I make inappropriate jokes, I squeal and bounce up and down like a kid on Christmas over relatively mundane things.  I have a filthy temper that rarely comes out, but when it does, OMGHOLYSHIT look out, protect your loved ones.  Fizzy-Hulk smash.  I want to help everyone with everything and make all the people smile, but I tend to overfill my plate and come off as very flakey when I fall behind on my plans.  I almost always follow-through, but I might be later than I promised.  I write stories, take my Mommy gig super seriously, love cookbooks and menus, love snergling critters and firmly believe my husband has the patience of all the saints combined.

So, that’s me.  That’s Fizzygrrl.

I feel like here is where I should stand up all Tony Stark style and declare that I AM IRON MAN.  Because that would be cool as hell.

I hope you all are having wonderful weeks, and that the weekends treat you like bosses!

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Words



  1. Good to know you! I really hope you’re not a 60 year old man who collects miniature ponies. Even then – pretty funny. 🙂

  2. I can in fact confirm that you are just as awesome, sweet, and bubbly in real life. 🙂

    There was just a joke on Hot in Cleveland about older people who love My Little Ponnies- apparently they’re called Bronies. lol

    Love you, Fizzy!

  3. What would the world be without Fizzy weirdness? It would be very gray, indeed.

  4. Jessica Negrón |

    You’re a prime example of why an online “persona” just isn’t necessary. Sincerity is so refreshing.

  5. I never understood people who acted differently than themselves online. Wouldn’t that be EXHAUSTING?!

    I’m glad you’re you, and I’m me, both online AND in real life. 🙂

  6. Having seen the “ERMAHGERD A ERNERCERN!!!” shirt in person, I can attest to its existence. Also that Fizzy is not a 60 year old man.

    …but she may collect miniature ponies on the sly.

  7. Never wondered about the 60 year old dude but its nice to know someone who is as bad as me at Christmas I’m all “OPEN ALL THE GIFTS ….EAT ALL THE CANDY ” Its nice to have a friend that will tell me the truth not the rosey online nice version all the time 🙂

  8. I was wondering. ‘Fizzygrrl’ name always makes me smile. Even if you are a little out there. I am to, so I can appreciate that trait in a person. You,do you, Fizzy.

  9. Wow, you are really out there, and I mean that in a good way! And where can I gets me some of these little ponies?

  10. Who doesn’t love a good origins story? Thanks for sharing, it was a lot of fun to get to know more about you. And at the same time a lot of me wanted to say, “Ah, now it all makes sense.” But I’m furious you got bullied. Argh! Bullies me no likey neither!

  11. I always thought the Fizzy part was appropriate, but I was never sure what my feelings about “Grrl” were. I’ll admit it, I usually roll my eyes at such deliberate misspellings, but I also paused to wonder if it was a reference to some bottled up anger or kickassness, “FizzyGrrrrrrrl”. After reading this post I’m still not sure what my feelings are exactly, but I’m pretty sure I like it.

    • You know, I have always hated the bastardized misspellings as well. I feel you there.

      But yeah, the GRRL part was me trying to embrace my slightly punk side, 😉

  12. This was fabulous. And so are you. <3

  13. Added to bucket list: meet Fizzygrrl some day so I can witness this effervescence in person…

  14. “There will be Captain Cut-a-Bitch posts.” OMG that was so the wrong time for me to take a sip of pop. I am so happy I found your blog & twitter. They have become must reads for me. You had me at “like a Disney cartoon that says the ‘F’ word a lot.”

  15. Lol ! I’ll vouch for you! I live two streets over and she is NOT a pony-loving, 60 year-old man. 🙂

  16. OMG. You are so awesome. I want to be you when I grow up.

    Also, I want an ERMAHGERD t-shirt.

  17. Cute, very cute story, FiZZZzzz. Moving to new schools is tough, I had to do it every single year of my school life. I learned to love the library at lunchtime. 🙂

  18. Aww, thanks for sharing. Your posts always make me smile! I’m surprised anyone would think you were fake, but obviously I’m oblivious to a lot that goes on through the internet, ie, the whole persona thing.

    Between your writing and your adorable, lovely, humorous photos, your personality shines through and I don’t know why anyone would ever question that! I’m glad I found your blog 🙂 I am glad there is a Fizzygirl that is!

  19. I completely feels ya!! My nickname in the Army was “Sparkplug” for exactly the same reason. 😀 😀

    Then I got out and became a DoD contractor and my nickname had to take on a professional tone, so it morphed into “ShortRound”. I was not as pleased. -_-

    But I’m the exact same kind of spastic. I’m that girl that enacts her emotions with great physicality much to the constant embarrassment of my husband and children. My friends love it, tho, so that’s nice. 😀 😀

    And I, too, say “erhmahgerd!” in real life. #ErmahgerdAnErther!

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