The Return of Fizzy-Hulk

Hello my loves!

Okay. I hate posts like this.

I don’t like the non-happy feels. I really don’t. I like sunshine and rainbows and glitter and bunnies.

But, alas, the world contains douchebags.

And thus, this post is born. Fair warning: Frustration and profanity follows.

At least once a day over the last few weeks as I scroll through my feed on Twitter, my brain screams, “WTF is with all the rage!?”

It also screams this as I scroll through Facebook, but I gave up hope of Facebook being a civil site ages ago.

So, what am I talking about here?

Hatefulness. I just don’t get it. I don’t get what inspires people to go onto Twitter, or blogs, or Facebook, or wherever and unleash their inner douchecanoe.

Several things here inspire my WTFuckery of these people. First, there seems to be a lot of trolling of contest stuff. What the hell could anyone possibly gain from trolling a contest? Having run Hook, Line, and Sinker with two other fine ladies, I can say from firsthand experience that contests are effing HARD. It takes a lot of time, a lot of effort, and a lot of work.

And yes, during the contest, we had our own run-ins with trolls and angry people. We smile and nod and do the best we can.

So when I see troll profiles on Twitter and blogs pitching fits and calling names, (Really? The C-word? Do you type to your mama with those filthy fingers?) I get super frustrated.

Why yes, attacking people who donate time and sanity to help other writers makes TOTAL sense.

Oh. Wait. No, it really freaking doesn’t.

And attacking agents and editors and the like? Oh, great plan. Super plan. Because that isn’t going to bite you in the ass at ALL. It’s not like agents totally talk to each other about crazy things writer’s do. And it’s not like an editor isn’t going to remember you being a total assclown to them online.

Oh, except they totally will. Good luck with that.

Second thing that brings on my O_O face is, who the hell has the kind of time to maintain these troll profiles with the sole purpose of ruining someone else’s day? I’m sorry your life is that sad. Really. Adopt a bunny. Collect stamps. Tap your helmet, embrace your inner child, spank your mental moppet, and move the fuck on.

Why am I writing this out?

Because I am seeing people hurt, or worried by this behavior. And that brings out the Fizzy-Hulk.

We’ve got a great thing going in the writer community. We support the hell out of each other. We cheer each other on, we help when we can, we freak out and fire glitter cannons when someone has good news.

What we don’t do is tolerate asshole shenanigans of people with too damn much time on their hands.

So cut it out. I’d like to say this is a polite request, but no, my foot has stomped down, and I mean business. Cut that shit right out.

If you are angry and have the rage? Come to me. We’ll talk it out. I will let you rant and rave and kick and cuss, and I will support you however I can. Seriously. I mean that. If you are reading this and you need an outlet, the Contact Me button is right up there, and I am willing to lend an ear to absolutely anyone for any reason. I check it numerous times per day, and I respond always.

But I would be super happy if all the hatefulness could stop like, now please.

I refuse to see my darlings scared of rotten people. I refuse to stand by while feels are hurt for no damn good reason. I refuse to see people stray away from a community of awesome effing people who are one of the most treasured resources to be found throughout all of the interwebz.

And I refuse to see Twitter go the way of Myspace because a handful of twat-waffles have made it an uncomfortable place to hang out.

So there. It’s been said. Now let’s all shake off the residual bullshit and hug it out.

Don’t be alarmed if I cop a cheap feel. I am a very enthusiastic hugger.

I hope you all are having the most lovely of weeks!

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and GROUP HUG!!!!



  1. Stinson Anderson |

    Can I borrow twatwaffle? It is way better than douchecanoe.

  2. Bwahahahaha! Twatwaffle! Awesomeness. Ugh, I’m sorry people are sucking way too much on Twitter. Shouldn’t they be too busy to be jerky, like writing stories and such? *sigh* Who is it? I’ll send Mittens the Cat Assassin after them! But thanks for laying down the law either way. Maybe it’ll shape some people up. Stay fizzy! 😉

  3. Have I told you today that I love you?

  4. Jessi Burkham |

    O some one tried to call my lovely a c word!?! O NO they better hope i do not find them!!!!

  5. It isn’t just the writer community, but I think you’ve summed up my feelings on the matter better than I could have! Oh, and I’m glad to see twatwaffle in good use!

  6. You are so right. The anonymity of the web allows people to turn into raving idiots. That said, I think you’re great. I truly respect all the time and energy you put in trying to HELP people. Good for you!

  7. HAHA! Your posts always make me laugh out loud, but I almost peed when I saw twat-waffle. Thank you for making my night!

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