Pitch Madness Entry – SH – Slush Pick – DARKNESS BRUTAL

Genre: YA Occult Fantasy
Word Count: 110,000

Pitch: Oliver Twist meets TV’s Supernatural. YA, Occult Fantasy, set in modern-day Los Angeles. A story of prophecy and time-travel, and of how destiny is never set in stone.

The demon is crouched in the corner, between the Cheetos and the onion dip. It’s a small one, only about four feet tall; a low-level creeper. I flick my eyes over the area like I don’t see it–like a normal person would–and open the cooler door to get a Coke.

I watch the cashier behind me in the refection of the security mirror as he finishes ringing up a customer. He studies me intently, his one hand under the counter, probably gripping the butt of a shotgun or a bat he’s got hidden there.

The bell on the door rings as the customer leaves.

The cashier looks over my ratty hoodie, my scruffy jaw, his gaze pausing on my tattooed hand that’s clutching the cooler handle. He’s probably looking for gang symbols, but he won’t find them. This isn’t a mark easily recognized. Even I’m not sure what it means, exactly.

But I’m the least of this guy’s worries.

That demon in the corner is waiting for something and it isn’t me. Its over-large, white eyes are trained on the cashier, wrinkled pale forehead frowning in focus. Its misshaped wings twitch and knock at the shelf with the ticking of the clock, and the leg muscles tense, like it’s ready to pounce. The clawed feet seep black ash and sulfur as they dig into the linoleum floor, but there isn’t any evidence of the mess anywhere else in the store that I can see, which means the thing’s arrived recently.


  1. Buy Property!!!

  2. I bid $50!

  3. $50.00 – 50 page request please

  4. Whoohoo! Look at all those bids! It makes me extra excited because this was one of my faves. LOVE what you’ve done here, the concept, the writing, all of it. This book is going to sell and sell fast, I just know it!

  5. Thanks, Kimberly!!!! Wow, I feel so excited just to have made it into this! And people actually like it! Amazing! LOL…

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