Pitch Madness Entry – SH-3 – ONE WISH ASTRAY

Genre: MG fairy tale smash up
Word Count: 30,000

Pitch: Mulan’s girl-grit meets The Wizard of Oz in ONE WISH ASTRAY. Twelve-year-old Case has three days to fix fairy tales broken by Dovetail’s evil enchantments or never see her family again. Failure’s not an option.

Mom always told me to check before I answered the door. I really should have listened. Darius and Wynton stood on my porch, eyes wide with surprise.

“Case?” Darius tucked a basketball between his arm and side, snickering.

“In a dress? You’re not turning princess on us, are you?” Wynton added. His forehead wrinkled when he lifted his eyebrows, more confused than curious.

My neck and ears tingled. My freckles probably spelled e-m-b-a-r-r-a-s-s-e-d across my cheeks and nose. Swearing my best friends to a “Don’t you dare tell anyone about this!” was a must.

Mom called out from her studio instead. “Case! Close that door before bugs get in here.”

“Look, guys.” My hands dangled at my sides. I balled them into fists and gave Wynton and Darius my best evil eye. I hoped. “I have to get back so mom can finish the hem on this, ugh, thing, for next weekend.”

“That’s why we stopped by,” Darius said. “We thought you’d want to get in some hoops since, well, you know.”

I knew, alright, but I couldn’t help staring at the basketball, as if the worn leather called to me, tempting me like mom’s fresh baked cookies left unguarded on the cooling rack. I wanted to snatch the ball from Darius, run to the rec center and show them how much better I’d gotten at taking it to the hole. A picture popped in my head: skinny girl in a fancy, strappy bridesmaid dress, heeled slippers click-clack-clicking down the sidewalk in a mad dash, dribbling the ball.


  1. This sounds good. I’ll buy a hotel. Full request.

    Thank you!
    Pete Knapp

  2. Please, send the complete manuscript (Full) to Uwe Stender

  3. Melissa Jeglinski |

    Really love this premise. I would like to Buy a Property (Query and first 75 pages.) Thanks so much! Melissa Jeglinski of The Knight Agency

  4. One house, please. Including a door with a peephole.

    –The Iron

  5. Ok, it’s time for the robot to send someone to jail. I will use my trump card. Uwe Stender

  6. The voice in this is FABULOUS. Perfect MG voice, which is no easy thing (I’ve tried – and that’s why I write YA now). I have four daughters and even after just one page I totally want this book for them. Well done!

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