Pitch Madness Entry – SH-1 – BOOKISHLY EVER AFTER

Genre: YA Contemporary
Word Count: 69000

Pitch: When book- geek Phoebe learns the hottest guy in the clarinet section has a crush on her, she turns her favorite books into advice manuals. Can she risk losing her book boyfriends for Dev?

I rocked forward, balancing my book on my knees and tried to ignore the yelling and chatter around me. The edge of the cafeteria bench dug into my legs, practically cutting off my circulation, but I barely noticed.

Em elbowed me, leaning over to hiss in my ear. “Seriously, Feebs, put that down. You look like a freak.”

“Uh-huh. Just one more page… it’s getting good.” I flipped the page. Maeve was about to be transported to the Otherland and the court.

“God, you are a freak.” Em heaved a dramatic sigh and turned to talk to the rest of our tablemates.

Yes. This was it. It was like electricity jumped off of the page and into my fingers, travelling straight to the pit of my stomach. Liam.

The words rolled over me and the cafeteria faded away. He held out his hand, waiting, and there I was, just like Maeve, dying to reach out and wrap my fingers around his. I could feel those gold-flecked eyes boring into me.

“Trust me…” I whispered along with him and my heart skipped a beat.

“What the hell?” Em broke into my thoughts and I jolted back to the cafeteria and the sight of a guy a few tables over trying to stuff an entire hoagie into his mouth. God, reality sucks.

It took a second to focus and I closed the book slowly, holding it so tight that the corners of the cover dug into my palms. “Em, I think I’m in love.”


  1. Buying another house! Q + 150 pgs, thanks.

    Louise Fury
    The Bent Agency

  2. One house with fantastic acoustics and lots of books, please.

    Thank you.

    –The Iron

  3. Team Fury is playing a Advance to Full Community Chest card.

  4. Love this. Being a book nerd, my nose was always in a book when I was in school. The fictional world was more exciting than reality for sure. Good luck!

  5. I think the majority of writers can relate to this. I would have been shocked if there wasn’t a bidding war on it. The pitch is totally the story of my life. Haha. Congrats!!

  6. Love seeing entries I love getting lots of love! Congratulations!! Such an awesome concept!

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