Pitch Madness Entry F-2: TWELVE STEPS

GENRE: YA Contemporary

WORD COUNT: 70,000

PITCH:  Tired of living in her perfect older sister’s shadow, sixteen-year-old Andi decides it’s time to take action. With her new 12-step program, she’ll win the guy, the grades, and the confidence to do it all.

EXCERPT: There should be a support group for kids with perfect brothers and sisters. Something like AlaTeen, but without the drugs. We could all sit around and talk about how our perfect family members are systematically destroying our lives.

“Hello, my name is Andrea Andersen, and I am a second-class sibling.” And if my sister wasn’t so freakishly perfect, I wouldn’t be grounded.

I grab the last handful of hangers out of my closet and hurl the clothes onto the growing pile on my bed. Then, I scoop up all of my shoes and dump them into the middle of my bedroom floor. I slump to the floor in my now-empty closet and cradle my head on my knees. Usually, reorganizing my closet relaxes me. I love turning a chaotic mess into something organized and under control. But I cleaned my closet last week, so it’s not even a mess yet.

And I’m so not in the mood to sort through my clothes for Miss Perfect’s annual clothing drive.

I ignore the soft knock, but Mom opens my door anyway. “Jarod is here,” she says. “You have ten minutes.”

I suppress a squeal and scramble to my feet, smoothing my clothes and yanking my messy hair into a loose bun.

Jarod is here.

For me.

I must be dreaming. Jarod never comes over to see me. He’s usually here to drool over my perfect big sister, Alaina. But I’ve been grounded for nearly three weeks now. Maybe he’s missed me.


  1. Melissa Jeglinski |

    A hit to 19; query and first ten pages, please. @mjeglinski

  2. triple line: Pete Knapp

  3. Carlie Webber |

    My dart hits the Double Line!

  4. Jessica Sinsheimer |

    Double line, please (Query & 1st 150 pages).

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