Pinky Finger Inspiration

Hello my darlings!

I know this will sound random, but go with me. I swear I have a point.

Our daughter likes to stall her actual sleep at night by coming out repeatedly asking the hubs and I for stories. Last night our conversation happened to steer to in the direction of being able to bend pinky fingers.

You see, I cannot bend my pinkies independently. Like, the little buggers just won’t bend.

Hubs on the other hand can bend his right pinky like it ain’t no thang.

Imagine my shock and awe when we discovered that our daughter can also bend her right pinky.

In case anyone is curious as to what I mean, here is the bend that frustrates me with my lack of being able to do:

photo (16)

Super thanks to Laura Hughes, AKA @MittensMorgul for allowing me to pimp out her skills up there.

So I took my question to Twitter. As one does.

Who can bend their pinky!?

By the way, I would like to thank the entirety of my Twitter feed for playing along with me. Also, the finger tricks I learned you guys can do astounded the hell out of me. “Finger Knot” will haunt me forever.

Anyway, my point.

What I discovered through my little Twitter poll is this: Some people can’t bend their pinkies at all. Some can bend one. Some are superhuman and can bend both.

Those who can bend both, go hop in line behind Finger Knot guy. The X-Men are recruiting and you guys obviously are ninjas in training or something.

*stares wistfully at unbending fingers*

Seriously. My point…

I really wish I could bend my pinkies. I don’t know why, it’s just something that bugs me that I can’t do.

You know what else I wish I could do?

Write things like Sci-Fi, or MG, or Picture Books and a host of other genres that elude me.

There are people out there who can write these stories as easy as breathing. And they do it really, really freaking well.

Alas, I can’t.

I wish I could write something as badass and successful as Harry Potter!

If you listen closely you can almost hear JK Rowling sighing and reaching over to pat my head from across the pond…

We all have our capabilities. And we should always strive to push ourselves and expand and try new things!

But we also need to stop putting so much damn pressure on ourselves to write things we think or wish we should be writing.

Just because you think the market might be more horny for a certain genre doesn’t mean you drag yourself through hell to fit into that. You don’t have to break your brain to try and live up to some imaginary expectation.

All the world wants from you is for you to find those pretty stories in your head that only YOU can write. The ones that are all you, all the way. The story that only you are meant to tell.

Sure, I could write a Sci-Fi, but oh god would it suck. And I mean really, really bad, you guys.

Nah, I’ll leave that to the kids who were designed to do it, and do it better than I have ever dreamed of doing.

Does that mean I won’t try some day should the right story pop into my noggin? Hell no! If the right story comes a-callin’ my fingers will type like the wind!

But I won’t force it.

Publishing as a whole is a hardcore business. It’s scary, and uncertain, and I am fairly certain most of us are missing a sanity chip to willingly toss ourselves into it the game.

But you see, we do it because we love telling stories. We just have to tell them.

So why ruin the best part of being a writer by trying to fit into someone else’s mold?

We can’t all bend our pinkies.

But I can say my ABCs backward way faster than I can say them forward.

So I’m going to roll with that. Because it’s mine, and therefore fucking awesome.

I hope you all are having the very best days!

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Finger Knots

PS. This is the picture of the Finger Knot. This is the hand of Darci Cole’s (AKA @darci_cole) husband. And all I can think, besides OUCH of course, is OMGWTFHOWISTHISPOSSIBLE!?!?!?!?!?!

photo (17)



  1. Thanks! My skills feel…uh…suitably pimped? ๐Ÿ˜€ FINGER KNOT SHOULD BE CALLED FINGER NOT. *runs away screaming*

  2. Okay, my kids are all trying to figure out how to do the finger knot, and they’re coming up with some configurations that are awfully close. We need someone to explain to us which fingers should be crossed first, etc. Instructions, please ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (By the way, I can bend both of my pinkies. Until I read this post, I thought everyone could. Turns out 3 of my 4 children can do it too. Only Phil and my youngest can’t.)

  3. People cannot bend their pinkie finger?! *mind blown*

  4. Now the big question is: Can you roll your tongue?

  5. I feel like a freak. I did my right hand first and yep, pinky bend, no problem.

    Then I tried my left, and it would NOT COOPERATE.

    I am a freak!


  6. How is that finger knot possible? I think I can make out what fingers are where, but … seriously … I … no human should be able to do that!

    And I cannot do the pinky bend. But I can do the Vulcan salute with both hands, which my fiancรฉ cannot, so I’m going with that. ^_^

  7. I can bend my right, but not left. Cursed left pinkie, why must you defy me?! OTOH, I’m *this close* to the finger knot.

    And thank you for talking me out of attempting NA romance, because seriously.

  8. Tonight, I’ll take a video of my husband giving instructions for the finger knot. He’s gonna say it’s stupid, probably, but I’ll get him to.


  9. I cannot bend my pinky and now must seek therapy for the fresh hell this knowledge has formed. I blame you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Finger bending? Yes. I can even cross my pinkie toe on my left foot over the next toe (without help of any kind, just cross the lil toes – so totally got me out of crap as a kid). Used to drive my mother nuts.

    The Finger Knot Man? I had to reboot the gray matter. WTF? HTH? OMG!

    But I can’t write Women’s Fic, Romance, MG or YA. The Universe is all about balance.

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