Official Hook, Line and Sinker Contest Details!

Hello my darlings!

Today we are announcing the official rules for the Hook, Line and Sinker Contest!!

*waits for raucous applause to die down*

Awesome, right? Below you will find all the delicious details of the When’s and the Where’s and the How’s of entering!

Ahh, you say, but what about the Who’s?? Well, those yummy treats of agent names and information will be revealed next week, so stay tuned!

I know, we are total teases, yeah?

On Saturday, October 13th, the contest window will open at 11 AM EDT and close at 5 PM EDT or once the limit is reached. To enter, your manuscript must be complete and ready to send to agents.

ROUND ONE– Enter at the appropriate blog based on genre. You must wait until the entry window opens. One entry per person.

Middle Grade (accepting 50 entries)
Young Adult (accepting 75 entries)
Adult (accepting 50 entries)

*Your entry must include the following: Name, title, genre & subgenre, e-mail, hook, & line.

Name: Autumn Peacock
Title: With a Wiggle of Her Pen
Genre: YA Contemporary
Email: AutumnPeacock(at)gmail(dot)com **Use (at) and (dot) so the spambots won’t find you.**

Hook: One to three sentences pitching your story- the choice is yours. Maximum word count of 60. (Sentence one. Sentence two. Sentence three. Lines on the screen don’t matter.)

Line: Your favorite line in the manuscript. First, last, smack dab in the middle? It’s up to you. Choose something that showcases your writing. *One sentence only. Use your best judgment and please don’t try to combine sentences to fit more in.

*Comments are accepted and encouraged in this round. However, they must be positive and constructive. Anything discouraging or inappropriate will be deleted.

ROUND TWO– From those that get in, we’ll choose the ones we feel are the best fit for what the participating agents are looking for. We’ll leave a comment by Tuesday, October 16th asking those moving to Round Two to email us their hook, line, & sinker (first 250 words). Moving on to Round Two will be 20 entries each from MG & Adult and 30 from YA.

ROUND THREE– From there, we’ll choose 10 entries per genre (with an extra 10 going anywhere we choose) as our finalists and post them on Monday, October 22nd. They will again be posted on the three blogs based on genre.

From October 22-24, participating agents will read through the entries and make any requests they’d like.

*Only agents will be able to comment during Round Three.

*We reserve the right to adjust the number of entries in any of the three rounds. Our goal is to get participating writers in front of agents and to find our participating agents some great writers to connect with!

*Since we know a lot of you who will be entering, to keep things fair, any entries we feel we are too familiar with or too close to the author of, will go to a secret fourth judge for the final decision.

I am wishing everyone CRAZY good luck in advance, and I can’t wait to see all the amazing entries!!!

Until next time,

Peace, Love and Sinkers!!!


  1. Autumn Peacock! HAHAHA!

    I spent four hours reading through my ms for a good line. Some were great, but out of context they made little sense. A single sentence that works on its own is hard to find.

    I didn’t want to use the opening, because that’s part of the “sinker.” I wanted to give you a bonus line. After hours of reading, I picked a line from PAGE FREAKING FOUR. This contest is already giving me way too many feels. THANK YOU! 😀

  2. Miss Peacock, I mean er…Heacock.

    What a fab opportunity. Getting my girl all purtied up and ready to go! Yay! Thanks for the opps.

  3. So for the submission window…are we emailing our entries? Will there be a form on the blog? Or do we just leave it as a comment once the window opens?

    • On Saturday, each of our blog sites will post an official entry blog. Mine will be for adult entries, Kat’s is YA and Dee’s is MG.

      You guys post your entries in the comment section of that blog.

      If you have any more questions, hit me up!

  4. Ummm, “we’ll choose the ones we feel are the best fit for what the participating agents are looking for.” Who is we? Why are you guys the ones picking and what are your qualifications for picking?

    From there, we’ll choose 10 entries per genre (with an extra 10 going anywhere we choose) as our finalists

    Again why are you the ones who are picking? What are your qualifications for this? How many people are picking? Is it just three? How’s that fair? There are a lot of books that are going to get ignored because they don’t match what one or two or three people personally find interesting. What are your genders? Social classes? Races? Are you all white or is there at least one POC judging this thing?

  5. Can we enter if one of the agents (or one of their in-agency co-workers) currently has some of our pages (either a partial or a full)? Or is that verboten? Would that be fair? Can I stop asking so many question?

    Wait, I can answer that last question: no.

  6. Kristen Wixted |

    This sounds like a really great contest–thanks for the opportunity! I am looking forward to it.
    *dusts off keyboard*

  7. Name: Gransel N. Hettel
    Title: We Love Candy
    Genre: MG
    Email: ghettel(at)ash9(dot)com

    Hansel and Gretel are a young brother and sister threatened by a cannibalistic witch living deep in the forest in a house constructed of cake and confectionery. The two children save their lives by outwitting her.

    Hansel reached up above, and broke off a little of the roof to try how it tasted, and Gretel leant against the window and nibbled at the panes.

  8. This is so much fun and I feel so happy that I found this blog thanks to Jaime.

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