My Twitterville Agents-to-Follow Cheat-Sheet PART 2!!!

Hello my lovely readers!

Even though I put it up over a month ago, my Agents-to-Follow Cheat-Sheet is still my most viewed post on here, and I *still* get emails about it.  So, I’m thinking that you guys kind of dug it.

But I realize that there are soooooo many other top-notch agents that you should be following, and so I am back with Round 2.

I am this excited…

I’ll note again that this is by no means a definitive list of all the awesome Twitter has to offer, but these, in addition to my last group, are the ones I have learned the most from, or that just flat-out give me the warms and fuzzies with their super coolness.

Molly Ker Hawn of The Bent Agency

Molly is too awesome.  Aside from working at one of the hands down best agencies there is, she is totally approachable and just generally full of WIN.  I’ll be posting a Fizzy Fangirling interview with Molly here soon, and show you even more why she is one to watch.  In the meantime, take my word for it that you won’t regret clicking Follow for this gal.

Juliet Mushens of The Agency Group, Ltd.

Juliet is one of my favorites on Twitter.  She’s got this feisty, badassness that is so fun to watch.  She is a great example of an agent to follow to see not only ace industry advice and from, but also to get the feel of an agent as a person.  It’s easy to forget that these are just regular peeps doing their job, but Juliet is a perfect specimen of keeping it businessy and realistic.  Plus, her fashion sense is unbe-freaking-lievable.  I came for the agenty goodness, I stayed for the shoes.

John M. Cusick of Scott Treimel NY

John is a stellar guy.  Back during a Twitter Pitch contest for The Writer’s Voice last year, I may or may not have made a complete and utter ass out of myself with him tagged in the convo the entire bloody time.  (Side note: Be smarter than me and ALWAYS check who all is in your reply on Twitter…)  Mr. Cusick here was a grand sport about the whole mess and even requested off one of my god-awful pitches.  I still maintain this was a pity pitch, but hey, he allowed me to slink away with a tiny shred of dignity, so for that, I thank him.

Also, he is a great source for #AskAgent sessions, as well as the rare, but effing brilliant #DrunkAskAgent sessions…

Kathleen Ortiz of New Leaf Literary

I heart Kathleen.  She was one of my early favorites from Twitter.  Her moniker, KOrtizzle, tells you straight away you are stepping alongside fabulousness.  I was lucky enough to meet this fine lady in person at the Midwest Writer’s Workshop and she is just as epic in person, if not surprisingly shy.  Or perhaps I just have  talent to make agents blush.

Follow Kathleen for lots of honest and interesting industry info, and enjoy the treats of delightfully geektastic posts that make me frequently SQUEEEE with joy.

Laura Bradford of Bradford Literary Agency

I’m going to be straight with you here.  For the first six months I followed Laura, I was crazy intimidated by her.  She lays it all out there, to the point, tells it like it is.  I appreciate the honesty she brings to Twitter.  It can’t be all coddling and rainbows, otherwise when the shiz hits the fan, you’ll wonder what the hell happened.  It’s Laura who through her Tweets gave me a moment of, “Whoa. This shit is hard. Wear a helmet.”

Now, that said, she isn’t scary.  I promise.  She is actually a wonderful and lovely person who is very good about answering questions and passing along super helpful information.  She’s a favorite on Twitter, and I can’t recommend following her enough.

Julia Weber of J. A. Weber Literaturagentur

Julia is fabulous.  She has a saucy personality and the brains to back it all up.  She is another one to follow to find a good balance of industry info and real life agent fun.  She is great about posting #QueryTips as she sorts her slush, which are so freaking valuable to take notes from.

Brittany Howard of Corvisiero Literary Agency

Follow Brittany to learn.  That’s the bottom line.  She posts under the hashtag #CorvisieroQueries as she digs through slush and I can’t tell you how much knowledge can be pulled from watching agents do this.  She does it fairly regularly, so you are likely to catch them at some point.  As a querying writer, it can be scary as all balls to watch other queries getting picked apart on Twitter, but alas, that’s how we all learn.

And the good news is that she isn’t a fire breathing dragon agent, so you most likely aren’t going to be reduced to tears watching the slush fly by.

Erin Harris of Folio Literary

Erin is fairly new to Twitter, but she is a solid find.  She is helpful and and approachable, and she is turning into a fast fan favorite. (Alliteration FTW!)  She’s nice as all get out, suuuuuper helpful with all the literary Tweet goody baskets she drops, and her recent #12DaysofSubmissions have been so fun to watch.  Any agents that go out of their way like that to post consistent tips are ones to hang on to.

Mandy Hubbard of D4EO Literary Agency

Mandy is a treat to follow.  She is so nice and easy-going that you feel a lot better about the scary writing universe when she is chatting.  Those agents are good to have on hand for the days you are so overwhelmed by queries and agents and manuscripts that your eye-twitch gets so out of hand people think you are attempting to communicate in Morse Code…

Bridget Smith of Dunham Literary, Inc.

I lurve Bridget.  Partly because when I see her post, I like to say her Twitter name, Bredalot, in my head and it makes me giggle.  No, I don’t have a clue why.  I am a simple creature.

Anyway, Bridget is delightful.  She’s quirky and fun, a master of pop culture references and an all around great find if you are looking to learn and be entertained at the same time.  She’s just good people.

And that’s it, kids!  That’s my fancy little list for today.  I hope these links lead you to some great fun and learning on Twitter, like they have all provided me.  Consider this my I’m-too-poor-to-send-you-all-presents-so-please-accept-these-agenty-links-instead gift for the holidays.

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Eye Twitches…


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  2. 😀 Yeah, that kitty cracks me up, lol.

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  4. Followed all of them! Thanks for these lists, Summer! They’re really helpful!

  5. Nice! You have one I didn’t! Stalking… er… following them now…

  6. Wow! This is a great series. Thanks so much.


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