It’s Time to ASK LIZZIE!!

Hello my darlings!

The holiday of Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. *cue dramatic music*

I used to hate V-Day. Like, LOATHE it. Now I am a fan, but for a very specific reason that I will share with you this week in the form of a gooey blog which I am kind of giddy to share with you all.

In the spirit of understanding many people are still in the, “Meh, V-Day.” state of mind, I have joined forces with the insanely awesome Lizzie Poteet of St. Martin’s Press to bring you a little Love Day fun.

Lizzie is an Editorial Assistant for St. Martins’s and she is sincerely full to the brim with win. Her Twitter feed is consistently hilarious and I highly recommend you click Follow.

Later this week I will be bringing you a special interview with the faboo Miss Poteet, but with a special twist.

With the pressure of a romantic holiday looming, there are all sorts of questions that pop up. What should I do with my hubs to make a romantic day? How do I make it through the day without killing all the uber-lurvey people?

For those, and any other romantic conundrums you may have, it’s time to ASK LIZZIE!!

Lizzie is going to take all your romantic questions and answer them with advice pulled straight from her romance novel expertise.

What do I do for date night?  How do I spend this cursed holiday as someone who could give less than two poos about Cupid?  My wife wants me to surprise her with something romantic…WHAT TO DO!?!?!

If you have a romantic query or crisis, WE WANT TO HEAR IT!!!

Drop all your questions in the comment section below, and tune back in later this week for my interview with Lizzie where she will answer ALL THE THINGS!!!!!

Seriously, this is going to be fun and all but guarantees rampant hilarity. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with to ask!!!

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend!

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Two Poos…


  1. I had to sit here for a minute and remember how to type, ’cause Ryan Reynolds. Yum! Okay. What were we talking about? Oh, yes! The question! I would LURVE to know what your all time worst Valentine’s Day experience was. It could be something you had thought you’d repressed, like the time in 10th grade when you threw up conversation hearts all over your big crushes new Vans, or something more recent. I find it very therapeutic to exercise the demons of bad holidays past. I’ll send you the bill in the mail. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!!

  2. I know I’m weird, but I think flowers are the stupidest, least romantic gift of all time. Here’s how much I lurve you, I wasted $50 on something that will be slimy and rotting in less than a week! Gag.

    I know, chocolates are gone in less than a week, too, but at least I don’t have to clean up dead things when I’m done with it. Plus, it’s chocolate, so, you know, it can’t be wrong.

    So, what “traditional” romantic gift do y’all think sucks? And what would you recommend instead?

  3. I had to come back for more Ryan Reynolds. Mmm. Okay. My next question: What would be your dream gifts to give and receive?

  4. Pop Quiz:

    Your man has to “work,” canceling your long planned special V-day evening. What do you do when you decide to go anyway with a girlfriend instead and see him with another woman?

    (insert Keanu Reeves here) WHAT DO YOU DO??

    Gosh, I could do this all day. This is FUN!

  5. Okay! Next!

    You are all of 19, practically a hag. It’s your last Season and you need to find a husband, now.

    Unfortunately, the only man you’re interested in is a duke with a rakish reputation.

    How do you snag the man of your dreams?

  6. *cracks knuckles*

    Okay. Here’s a fun one!

    You’re in what is quite possibly the most wonderful relationship ever. Like really ever. He’s perfect. Kind, generous, fun. He gets you.

    You love him so much you could just eat him.

    Except you really do sort of want to eat him. Cause you’re undead. But he doesn’t really know and it’s one of those really awkward relationship subjects to bring up.

    So how do you keep the guy and keep from eating his brains?

  7. Is it totally taboo to ask a writing related question?

    This time of year I’m thinking about established relationships, couples who are in it for the long haul. It’s easy to keep tension high in a still developing will-they-won’t-they relationship. But are there any tips for keeping tension high, and reader interest in a committed coupling?

  8. What do you do to prevent chafing?

  9. You’ve been married a long time and you decide to spice things up by doing what all the kids do and take naughty pictures of yourself with your cell phone. You text them to your husband. Only, you don’t because you accidentally send them to a friend (more specifically the father of one of your kid’s friends). Now said father of kid’s friend thinks you lust after him. What to do?

  10. Scenario: You are driving. Your tween daughter is in the car. You are speaking to your mother on the phone, speaker on. You mention that your child can hear all, but your mother forgets and begins talking about her love life with your eighty-year-old father. After you yell “Grooooooooss!” and hang up, what do you say to your mortified daughter?
    Asking for a friend.

  11. I am going to leave my own, 😉

    Okay, so you’re married, you’ve got kids and no babysitter, but V-Day just happens to be your 13th anniversary.

    How do you celebrate within the confines of kidlet jail?

  12. ZOMG Heidi. Seriously!! You call your mom back and THANK HER for writing a scene for your contemporary novel. 🙂

    My question:
    What if this is your last Valentine’s Day? (After all, how do you know it isn’t?) How does that change what you do? (And isn’t that what you really should do after all?)

  13. For Valentine’s Day, my husband and I are meeting at Walmart’s pick-up area to load a couch I ordered into his car. (We both loathe Walmart, but they had the best deal.)

    We secretly think this Valentine’s plan is awesome. What’s wrong with us?

    Q: You’re a shy girl who wants to be sexy. What’s a good way to ease in to the process? (Like Heidi, asking for a friend. Obviously. I mean, *of course*)

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