Ice Cream Cake and Unicorn Toots

Hello all!

Welcome to the new site, by the by.  The hubster worked very hard on it.  With my artistic whip cracking behind him to the point where I think we both agreed that our marriage vows did not include website design.

I am writing this post today to try and calm my nerves.  Because I am a ball of them.

I have a fistful of submissions out right now, and I am trying to not be too obsessive about checking my email.  Did I just stop typing to check my email?  Nope.  Not me.  Never.

*goes to check email*

Okay, yeah.  That was me.

But add into that the day to day of a sick toddler (little man puke is FUN y’all!), a five year old about to start Kindergarten (NOOO!!!  MY BAAAAABYYYYYY!!!) and the fact that my house is still too stupid to clean itself, and well, I am developing a very becoming eye twitch.

Oh.  And I have cramps.  Someone could get killed.

The fun of an author is creating these vibrant and awesome worlds that we hope to translate from our brains onto paper.  It’s a tricky process.  The scary part is hoping that we did a good job of it.  The sad part is hearing someone say we didn’t pull it off.

But then, there is the ERMAHGERD YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSS part where someone calls you and says that you not only got it right, but they believe in you and it enough to put themselves on the line for it.

That’s the dream, peeps.  The flat out dream.  Everything else is just ice cream cakes and unicorn farts.

So, here I shall wait.  Jumping every time my email buzzes on my phone and damn near peeing myself every time the phone rings.  Because I am a writer.  And we are fucking masochists.

But we get to have pretty worlds in our heads, so it balances out.

I hope you all  are having a delightful week!

Until next time my dears,

Peace, Love, and Unicorn Farts




  1. lol…you trip me up

  2. Maybe you need a girls night to relax. Besides you are an awesome writer, so someone is going to deliver that great news any day now.

  3. *Accepts unicorn farts, puts in back pocket where they’ll be safe until they’re needed*

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