Hook, Line, & Sinker Round 3 Finalists!

Hook, Line, & Sinker entrants, you are a very talented group of writers and you made our decisions very tough!  While we couldn’t move everyone on to Round Three, we’ve done our best to give the participating agents what they’ve asked for and we’ll be watching for some fantastic matches to be made over the next few days.

No matter how far you made it in the contest, we hope you’ll gain something from being involved.  Learn about the agents and see what they request, use the feedback on your hook & line, let the encouragement carry you forward, and make some new writer friends.

For our list of outstanding agents who will be patrolling these entries, click here!

Congratulations to our finalists and good luck!

Middle Grade will be posted on http://www.writeforapples.com/
Young Adult will be posted on http://katelliswrites.blogspot.com/
Adult will be posted RIGHT BELOW:

Entry #1 – City of Zero
Entry #2 – Blame it On Meryl Streep
Entry #3 – The Princess Paradox
Entry #4 – The Governor’s Hand
Entry #5 – The Portrait
Entry #6 – The Actor’s Daughter
Entry #7 – Waiting For Someday
Entry #8 – Jumping Ants
Entry #9 – Jane Doe
Entry #10 – Misery, Alabama
Entry #11 – Finders Keepers
Entry #12 – Price of Refuge
Entry #13 – Whispers in the Moonlight
Entry #14 – Without Borders
Entry #15 – The Land of Many Water

* * * Reminders * * *

ONLY PARTICIPATING AGENTS MAY COMMENT IN THIS ROUND. We need to keep the posts clean so our awesome agents can easily read through the entries.

If you are another amazing agent who has happened upon this contest and would like to make requests, we welcome you to take a look. However, please wait until the contest closes at 7 PM EDT on Wednesday to make your requests.

If you want to tweet about the contest, use the hashtag #HLandS And be sure to follow @Fizzygrrl @el_kat @writeforapples

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting this contest. It’s been fun and beneficial.

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