Hook, Line, and Sinker Round-Up!!!!

Hello my darling readers!

WHEW!!  What a crazy couple of weeks!!!

Hook, Line, and Sinker has officially come to a close and we have had some SPECTACULAR results!!  Aside from the fact that every single Round 3 Entry had a request, we had several contestants drop out due to offers of rep!!

It has been a full-blown roller coaster of ALL THE FEELS since this contest launched, and I am so happy to have been a participant!  Sooooo many amazing entries, sooooo many amazing agents!

You writers made things so hard to get to the final picks with all your awesome!  I am so proud of everyone who entered, and genuinely felt it a privilege to represent the adult category.  You guys all did me wicked proud.

Alrighty, here is the break down:

50 Round 3 Contestants

12 Agents

MG – 29 Total Requests

YA – 37 Total Requests

Adult – 33 Total Requests

Overall – 99 TOTAL REQUESTS!!!!

That is so super amazing, kids!!!

And FYI, our secret fourth judge will be revealed in a couple of days in an interview where he will talk about pitching, choosing entries and his other general thoughts of awesomeness!

It has been a complete pleasure, everyone.  Major love to Kat and Dee for all their hard work, and tolerating my constant catching up during Fizzy Revisions 2012.  You two are, and always will be, the cat’s pajamas!

To our agents, you guys rock.  I can’t thank you enough for all the love you showed our writers, and I can’t wait to see more success stories trickling in!!

And that’s all she wrote!  The contest is complete, comments are now open on the Round 3 blog, so GO! Show love for entries, thank agents, have fun!

And for any other non-participating agents, feel free to dive on in there and request your hearts out!!

No.  Seriously.  Now is not the time to be bashful…

Thank you again to everyone who made this contest a raging success, and I hope to have the good luck of being a part of it again one day!

I hope you all had as much fun as I did!

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and ALL THE REQUESTS!!!


  1. What an amazing contest. You guys absolutely ROCKED it out. What an amazing thought that you helped to start some writers on their publishing career with new agents. You guys are like freaking CUPID! Thank you so much for all your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm!

  2. Completely off the charts! WOW. Congratulations to everyone involved! :))

  3. A BIG thank you to alll!!! To the hosts, to the agents, and to the contestants. It’s always scary to put your work out there – I equate it to sending your child out to play in traffic – but this contest has been so fun! I loved every nerve-wracking, M&M popping, wine guzzling minute of it! Thanks again!

  4. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You guys are awesome!!

  5. Lori A. Gold (@_lagold) |

    More applause here. Thanks to all the organizers and agents for an opportunity most of us would have never otherwise had. Great experience!

  6. Thank you for such an awesome opportunity. You guys are great.

  7. What a fun contest. Loved the concept and the overall process. You ladies (+Judge#4) really put some thought into this and pulled it off without a hitch! Thank you for the opportunity *cyber hug*, and thanks to all agents who participated as well.

  8. Thank you so much for doing this! It was awesome!

  9. I love this post–so funny! The contest was amazing. Thanks for all of your hard work, Summer (and Dee and Kat) and for giving so generously of your time.

  10. This was such fun! Thanks so much for all your time and effort.

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