Hello my darlings!

So, I signed up for this crazy scavenger hunt called GISHWHES. The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.

It’s run by actor Misha Collins from Supernatural. You may know him from my numerous Castiel GIFs.

Don’t let that sweet face fool you, this dude is insane.

And it appears to be his mission to take us all with him.

I signed up after watching some awesome videos on last year’s hunt, and when my pal Laura talked me through what was happening. I mean, check out the site. How could I *NOT* sign up!?

Last Sunday, the hunt Items List came.

What. The. Hell.

Put a GISHWHES tank-top on a rooster? Sure. Dress up like a baby with a binky and order drive-thru? Why not! Use a sky diving simulator while you eat a sloppy joe? Erm…

Laura built a like, fifteen foot tall asparagus caber. As one does.

But there were Random Acts of Kindness everywhere! I signed up to run a diaper drive, with the donations going to a local shelter. I had to perform a random act of kindness in stealth mode. A teammate had to turn an “unsung” hero into a “sung” hero. Like, by actually writing and performing them a song.

Okay, so going into this, I knew it would be madness. I knew I would have crazy things to do. I have no shame, so no big.

But dude. The highs and the lows this week. I’m exhausted in the best possible way.

Some things I’ve learned along the way:

1. I think I need to move.

Local people didn’t seem particularly impressed with my shenanigans. There were numerous items I had to abandon for the sheer reason no one would agree to help.

When I did my random act of kindness? The video ends with the woman spotting me, and getting mad at me for standing there. That was fucking awkward. I literally had to run from the building.

And I’m also super disappointed that despite all my begging, not a single local person would donate to the Diaper Drive. Not a one.


2. Distance means dick when your friends are in need.

Less than 24 hours before I was scheduled to deliver the diapers, I put an SOS online. I was terrified I was going to roll up to the shelter with a single box of diapers to donate.

Holy crap, did everyone step up. Seriously. Within about 12 hours, we had 500 dollars, and I was able to purchase nearly 200 pounds of diapers for the shelter.

photo 1 (4)

Online friends ROCK HARD.

3. If you do kooky shit in a small town, you will make the front page of the newspaper.

True story.

photo 2 (5)

4. With the right motivation, my OCD takes a backseat.

OCD has a say in everything I do. And most of the things I can’t do. But when I looked back on this last week, I realized there were things I would normally never be able to jump into, but I was so damn frantic, I never even had time to stop and listen to the voice in my head that usually screams, “NO YOU CANNOT OR YOU WILL DIE!”

That was pretty cool.

5. Teamwork is hardcore.

I didn’t know most of the people on my team when I signed up. And by know, I mean I knew the few I did from Twitter and the writing community.

Oh god, you guys. Between the 700 emails (I actually think that estimate is low…), IM’s, texts, and general bouts of flailing, we pulled together like we were family. That kind of support? That kind of mutual insanity and dedication forms a special kind of bond.

I love my Angry Sandwiches. My inbox will be lonely without these updates this week.


6. Nasa was not amused…


photo 4 (1)

7. When it rains it pours.

When the bad stuff would come, it came all at once. No after no, after no.

But when the good stuff hit? IT WAS A PARTY.

I was floating on a high from delivering the diapers (Seriously, the best feeling I’ve ever had.) when I got the call to discuss my treatment plan for the skin cancer I was told I had a week ago.

When it was casually mentioned a few minutes later that, “OH BY THE WAY IT IS NOT ACTUALLY CANCER.”

So. There’s that.

I was pretty excited about that.

Could have gone without thinking I had cancer for a week though, but HEY. SILVER LININGS!

8. The meaning of true friendship.

I’m pretty sure the definition of being a BFF is going to the trouble of putting a tank-top on your chicken to help a friend out.

photo (23)

Heidi: I LOVE YOU.

9. I am an old lady.

I have never been more tired in my life. I will now sleep for the next eight years. Wake me at your own peril.

So that’s my GISHWHES wrap up!

I had an amazing time, and I will be right back in line to sign up next year. It was totally worth all the crazy. I can’t recommend the experience enough!

photo 3 (4)

If you are at all interested in seeing the crazy things Team Angry Sandwich did this week, check out our awesome Tumblr with our entries.

High points include a 75 year old man dressed as a Jersey Shore cast mate. (A female cast mate.) Also, a dress made out of watermelon rinds, a wig made from a team mate’s own hair, a steam-pink train robbery, and so on…

As people do.

I hope you all had fabulous weeks! And if you are coming down off a GISHWHES high like I am, kick back, have a drink, and let out a happy sigh! You’ve earned it, 🙂

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and GISHWHES!!!

PS: This is my item for taking my car as my prom date. As in, I am dating the car. Because reasons.

photo 1 (3)



  1. This sounds fun and what a great way to meet people! I so tried to get on the angry sandwich team but alas, I was too late. Sounds really fun. I would have no problem doing some of that!

  2. I have no words for the awesome of this.

    You rock my socks 😀

  3. This sounds like so much fun and I’m thrilled to have contributed in any small way. One of these days I want to join for real.

    Also, you’re awesome. I admire your fearless actions, even in the face of fear.

  4. Oooooh you look so PURTY!

  5. I cannot even tell you how much I adore you — or how much this made me smile. Move by me! Move by me! Hehe <3

  6. Glad you had fun! Sorry we didn’t help more. I guess I didn’t realize it was just last week…and I didn’t see a request for diapers or I would have brought some over.

  7. I love you, Summer. 😀 Hahaha

    Angry Sandwiches for life!

  8. I could go on and on and on and on and on about the awesomeness contained in your post. Instead, I’ll cut to the best part.

    Congratulations on not having skin cancer. ((((uber-happy hugs))))

  9. I have crippling anxiety issues. As in, I get out of my house about, oh, once a week. Maybe. And as I was reading this I was all teary and thinking, wow . . . talk about BEYOND AWESOME. I have this habit of believing I can’t do hard things (or out of the normal vein kind of things). And seeing someone with similar issues coming of conqueror like this? It’s like WOW personified.

    You’re freaking inspiring, is what I’m saying.


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