A Fizzy Year in Review

Hello my loves!

Oh, 2013. You naughty minx of a year.

When I wrote my end of year blog as 2012 came to a close, I had the highest hopes for 2013. I was bouncing around with glee thinking of all the joy 2013 would bring!


To quote a friend of mine: “You know, 2013 was kind of a dick to you…”

Touche, 2013. Touche.

I won’t lie. When I look back on the year, I am kind of sucked into a Negative Nelly spiral. It was an odd year.

But, that’s not how I roll. I like the silver linings. So I’m going to review with a bit of balance. Because with the crazy also came some good.


This was a week of spastic flailing. To actually hear a doctor say the words, “It’s skin cancer.” Oh good gravy.


For a week, I thought I was en route for things like chemo injections and surgery and all sorts of scary  things I’d been told by my doctor. Then suddenly, NOPE. All done. Here’s a badass prescription and you’ll be fine. I’m still shock blinking at a blank spot on the wall over this.


This year. I can’t even. I legitimately cannot with mean/scary/jerky people anymore this year. Thankfully there is only one day left and I fully plan on not leaving the house, so HA. If these peeps somehow drip into my 2014 I will cry real tears.


Oh, oh, sweet GISHWHES! I’m so freaking glad I participated in the world’s wackiest scavenger hunt.Watching my online family come together and donate money to the diaper drive for our local shelter was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. I so needed that boost of crazy and teamwork and shenanigans. Team Angry Sandwich lives on!


Blah. Admittedly, the year was piling up a lot of WHAT NOW MOTHERFUCKER on me, so it’s no shock my brain needed a little break from that whole “sanity” thing. The summer was a rough time inside my head. I still handled life well, and unless you were one of the poor people I instant messaged with flailing, most people didn’t have to see the twitching. It was a hard summer, guys, but I’m glad to be back.


MWW, how I love you so. What a great time! I got to play with some of the best people I have ever known, I learned, I spazzed out on panels. It was glorious, you guys. Just the best weekend ever. I will be there next year and I hope you kids are too!


A tornado. In November. Because of course.


I had a New Year’s Resolution of going on a trip somewhere outside of Indiana for 2013. This resulted in my flitting off to NYC for BEA in May and ComicCon in October. Fun was had. People were frolicked with. Manholes were tripped over.

Seriously, I’m already planning some NYC love in ’14. I’ve fallen for a city. *swoons*


That was supposed to be an ambulance sound. I don’t think that translated well.

I think my warranty expired in 2013. I had at least two ER visits, three or more immediate care visits, heat stroke in NYC, etc.

My body went full jackass this year.


My sweet Pineapple. CHASING PINEAPPLE is my darling book baby that I sit about petting it’s pretty manuscript form cooing and telling it how pretty it is.

The entire first draft came out in three and a half days. I still don’t know how that happened. Like, I sincerely don’t know how that many words fell out that fast.

Pineapple gives me all the feelings. I will love it and hug it and snuggle it.

As for 2014, I’m going to be totally honest. I’m a little scared. I feel like something big is coming but I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing. Let’s hope for good, yes? Yes.

My theory is this. Over the last decade or so, it seems like the even years have been solidly good and the odd years have been exactly that: ODD. So, since 2012 was top notch, and 2013 decided to go all wonky on me, statistics back up that 2014 is going to be full of awesome.

That’s my logic and I’m sticking with it.

Now, while this year was a bit dodgy for me at times, it was an absolute boss for other people. It has been a huge, HUGE thrill for me to see so many of you announcing great news! Signing with agents, selling books, successes, and hope, and progress! Watching people go from slush piles in contests to announcements on Publisher’s Marketplace will absolutely never get old. I’m so damn proud of you all!

Thank you to all of you who come here and read these bizarre things that I write. I hope 2013 was kind to you all, and that 2014 is poised for sheer brilliance to each and every one of you!

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and New Years!



  1. Oh, Fizzy! Thanks for sharing — because we all need to know we’re not the only ones on the rollercoaster we call life. We can only hope the rollercoaster isn’t one of those old-ass wooden contraptions where the cars can fly off the tracks if you scream too loudly. Because I scream a lot. Seriously hoping that 2014 brings all the good things. And you’re a gem of a person to be so psyched about others’ great news when you’ve had an “odd” year.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Lots of ups and downs for me to but when you hit bottom you always have to reach the top, right? I wish you the best of luck. And boo to cancer scares because I had that too. Turned out to be cysts but what a scare. I hope next year brings you lots of luck and good things. All the hugs and snergles!

  3. I love you my Fizzygrrl. And MWW loves you 🙂

  4. Glad to hear no cancer. Sorry to hear the summer sucked the big one. But yr here to review your year so that is super duper! My life has at time sucked the same big one but I learn & I grow with each and everything I go through and good or bad I always, eventually, feel very blessed. It sounds like you do to. Be well my cyber friend. I wish you a shit load of happiness this year. Keep me posted on what hair color you’re rockin

  5. Oh Fizzy, you tackled 2013 like a champ. Your year in review reminds of that cliche bit we always put in each other’s high school year books, “May all your ups and downs be in bed.” God Lord! We were all clueless virgins at the time.

    I have no doubt that 2014 will be year of ‘The Fizz’. You’re just too talented to go unnoticed any longer.

    Cheers and all the jazz,


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