F-6: Young Adult: HATE CRIME

Genre: Thriller

Word Count: 60,000

Pitch: DANGEROUS GIRLS meets DARK PLACES when 17-year-old Cordelia’s sister is murdered, she must stop a racist psychopath before he kills again. Too bad the only person who can help her is said psychopath’s douchey son.


It happened again. The ugly, bright orange letters rubbed my hands raw as I scrubbed the word off of my car. *CHINK.* That’s it. Five little letters let me know exactly how someone felt. Five little letters, joined together in one big statement.

*CHINK.* My hands shook as they dipped back into the now-lukewarm water. Our principal’s words circled around my mind in an endless loop, blaming me for everything. Just like last time.

“Since there was no way of knowing who wrote it,” Principal Billings said, “It’s your responsibility, to clean *that word* off of the vehicle. *Your* vehicle. That *you* should take better care of and watch more closely, Ms. Sotello.”

Watch more closely. Yeah. It was parked in the school lot, next to the other cars that also weren’t being watched closely. *That word* certainly wasn’t there when I got to school, so somewhere in between English (my first class) and lunch (my favorite class), *that word* made its debut on the side of my ’99 Corolla.

I took a second to pull my chapped hands close to my mouth, blowing warm-ish air into my cupped palms. Thanks to twenty minutes of scrubbing, I’d reduced the word to C-H-I. I sat back, resting on the cold, uneven street. My mouth pulled into a thin line as I stared at those three letters, a neon reminder that I’d never belong.

A small laugh escaped as I scraped away at the “I.” I wasn’t Chinese.

Wrong slur, assholes.


  1. I move my pawn six spaces.

  2. I move my pawn home.

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