Genre: Adventure

Word Count: 60,000

Pitch: A twelve-year old city boy teams up with an undocumented kid from Mexico to find legendary Spanish treasure, stirring up prejudice, greed, and unsettling secrets about the murder of his father.


The day Trace’s mom started laughing again, he knew things had gotten serious. It was up to him to stop her before she did something crazy like marry the rancher she had dated for a whopping three months. Every seventh grader knew Texas had more ranchers than roaches. But people from the city of Austin—especially dead cop’s wives—didn’t marry them any more than horses married cows.


The dead cop’s wife had no money, and the rancher was rich.

Trace hauled two plastic milk jugs full of change out of his closet. His stunt bike savings. Now the bike would have to wait. He stuffed the money into his backpack and skateboarded to Uncle Kirk’s house in the nice part of the neighborhood.

“One hundred ninety-six dollars and eighty-two cents,” he said, plonking the jugs onto Kirk’s desk with a determined jingle.

Kirk goggled at the money and put on his surveyor’s hardhat as if he expected the coins to geyser into the air. “Where did you get all this?”

“Mostly the skate park. You should never do the half-pipe with change in your pockets. I’ve been collecting the spillage for years. Now you can take me to the casino.”

“Do what??”

“You told me you would take me to the casino when I had two hundred dollars for starter money.” Trace held out his open palm. “By the way, you owe me five bucks for last week’s poker game.”

Kirk scratched his head, forgetting that he was wearing a hardhat.


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