F-16: Young Adult: A IS FOR ATHERTON

Genre: Young Adult Romance

Word Count: 62,000

Pitch: Take one stolen SAT exam. Add an honors student with wicked computer skills and a bad-boy who specializes in B&E. Together, they’re perfectly wrong. But wrong may be the only way to prove they’re right.


Lacey McNamara paused outside Atherton Academy’s chapel to adjust her beautiful honors pin. The golden “A” surrounded by a filigree oval was her favorite accessory. Not only did it symbolize academic achievement, it looked as amazing on her school uniform as it did her winter formal. It even looked good on her bikini.

Breathless with anticipation, she pulled open the hand-carved oak door and stepped into a sea of red blazers. The chapel’s stone arches and stained glass looked like a miniature of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Lacey had never been to London, but based on photos, they were nearly the same.

Underclassmen packed the pews, faculty filled the stage, and Lacey quivered with excitement.
It was time for Mr. Cunningham, the headmaster, to kick off the school year. He would welcome the new students and let everyone know Lacey and her classmates were kings of the high-school mountain. They were Atherton’s senior class. Atherton, the preppiest prep school in New England.

Mr. Cunningham took center stage. NBA-tall, his long arms barely reached the ledges of the pulpit. He leaned down and puffed into the microphone. All eyes turned toward him. The buzz of voices died down.

“Welcome!” he boomed. The side door banged open. Flag bearers marched in, one carrying a flag from each country represented by the student body.

Goosebumps skated down Lacey’s arms. Everything was exactly the way she’d pictured it. Everything, except for the…*chickens?*

Horrified, Lacey counted as *four, six, ten, twelve, sixteen, twenty-four* chickens flapped and squawked down the aisles.

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