F-15: Young Adult: FALL TO PIECES

Genre: Contemporary

Word Count: 88,000

Pitch: After shattering his leg in front of college recruiters, Jacob’s dreams of a football scholarship crumble. Washed up at sixteen and numbing the pain with painkillers and whiskey, he can only see one way out.


Fourth quarter, seven minutes left on the clock. One touchdown was all that put us ahead, but we had control of the ball. And I was determined to keep it that way.

I studied the defense while running the next play in my head. Everything else faded to the background. I knew exactly what we needed to do. Eagleton had been on us like literal hornets all night, but we were managing to stay one play ahead. By then, they were anticipating us, but we had this game in the bag.

Breaking the huddle, I glanced toward the stands, hoping to catch a glimpse of Megan, but she was just a speck of blue and silver on the opposite end of the field. Knowing she was there watching calmed my writhing nerves.

Unfortunately, nothing could soothe the intestinal havoc of knowing that Colorado State and Arizona both had scouts out there watching this game. My stomach had been in knots ever since the rumors started flying that they were coming tonight, and all I could feel was their eyes on me. Tonight was for them, for my ticket to getting the hell out of Ridgeland.

I wiped my hands on my legs and as soon as the whistle blew, I fell back to receive the snap. All around me, well-rehearsed chaos unfolded. The collision of helmets and pads reverberated through the air as I stepped into position to launch the pass. Step. Pivot. Throw.

From the left – my blind side – a freight train struck, barreling full force into my leg.

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