F-14: Young Adult: SUN AND IRON

Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 75,000

Pitch: In an ancient Rome-like world, where people with magical abilities are slaves, a young girl fights as a gladiator. Magic runs in her veins, but it won’t help her now. Spartacus meets Snow Like Ashes.


Chapter 1 – Aelia

Sweaty hands catch my wrist, and I curse myself for taking the easy way and coming to the market. The crowd is ideal for getting lost in after bumping into my victims, and vanishing with whatever their pockets hold, but the merchants – like the one holding on to me – do tend to get nosy. A man passes me by, carrying an ugly-faced barracuda bigger than my upper body thrown over his shoulder and waves at the merchant holding on to me. I flinch as the smell of the fish reaches my nostrils.

A raspy voice calls from behind, “What’s the hurry, girl?”

I sigh, shooting one last look at the forest that I was going to vanish into, and pull the hood of my cape lower over my face to turn back towards the merchant. I can barely see for a second with the sun right behind him, but I narrow my eyes, so I can make out his perfectly pale face. He smiles, revealing his yellow teeth, and I tug on my hand one last time in vain. His meaty fingers hold me tight. My eyes fall on the girl standing behind him with chains on her neck and wrists. Her copper skin stained with sweat and dirt is identical to mine. One look at her reminds me why I have to hide day after day, and I pull my cape with my free hand even tighter.

I painted my face and hands white, but my craft leaves something to be desired, and with the sun burning through my dark cape, I must have sweated most of it off.


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