Genre: Contemporary

Word Count: 60,000

Pitch: Montana Public Defender Scarlett Parker defends a young Native American facing the death penalty for a gruesome triple homicide and faces biased judges, cagey cops and an outraged community. Longmire with a feminine twist.


“I’m screwed, aren’t I?” the kid said as the door to the interview room fell closed behind him. His tone was hostile, defensive and scared, all at the same time. I studied him for just a moment. Not what I expected. Tall, round-faced, thin. The silky long black hair of his Native American heritage. He looked about sixteen. He was, in reality, nineteen, and yes, he was screwed. Possibly more screwed than any client I had ever had.

“Your situation isn’t good, Theodore,” I said, looking him in the eyes. “But we’ll talk, and I’ll figure out what we can do, okay? By the way, what do you like to be called? Theo?”

His shoulders sagged, and what little bravado he had went out of him. “Ted, or Teddy,” he mumbled. “My Auntie calls me Teddy.”

Teddy? Jesus Christ. Three dead bodies, my defendant was one of the killers, and he was Teddy? As in Teddy bear. Teddy bears are warm and fuzzy and my teenage daughter still had a collection of them. I was sitting across from a young man who’d been an integral participant in a gruesome triple homicide
I was in a concrete-block interview room in Yellowstone County, Montana, a few miles from the fifth-largest Native American reservation in the country, facing a Crow client who was little more than a kid. And how could he not be a kid to me? I had a daughter two years younger. The prosecutor was already making noise about pursuing the charges in these particularly gruesome murders as a capital case.


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