F-11: Young Adult: TIME SAILS

Genre: Adventure

Word Count: 64,000

Pitch: The Wizard of Oz meets Pirates of the Caribbean when Emma falls from a sailboat and into the17th century. With a handsome companion, she discovers a pirate ship is her yellow brick road back home.


I’ve heard it said if you sail long and far enough, one day you’ll meet the wave with your name on it. I always thought that was superstition, something to keep people from exploring the seven seas. Then the angry ocean hissed in my ear and my only thought was, *my* wave.

Grabbing a mouthful of air, I shot upright into a coffin of blackness. After a second, I realized there was no water, no wave. I sat safe and dry in my bunk on *Sirocco.* I took a deep breath. My heart slowed its panicked pounding.

It was all Mom’s fault — her and her wild stories.

I flicked the switch on the wall lamp once, then a dozen more times. Nothing happened. I groped for a flashlight, my cell phone, anything to break the darkness. *Sirocco* tumbled off a wave and the phone flew from my hand, smashing onto the floor. I landed onto the sailboat’s side next to that hissing ocean, only one inch of fiberglass separating me from the deep Caribbean Sea.

The violent sea tossed me from one side of the bunk to the other. The hull groaned. Footsteps thumped on the deck overhead. The cabin door slammed open and my father lurched in. His right hand clutched a flashlight while the left groped for something to hold onto. Rivers of water streamed off his blood-red foul-weather jacket, pooling on the floor.

“We need you up top, Emma. It’s blowing forty knots. We have to drop the sails.”


  1. Danielle Barthel |

    I move my pawn 5 spaces.

  2. I move my pawn home. Excited to read this. – Peter Knapp


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