F-10: Young Adult: MARKED

Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 91,000

Pitch: A strange bird mark on her shoulder and her uncontrollable rage make Catia the most feared person in the kingdom, and the price for her new identity is death. THRONE OF GLASS meets The Hulk.


Catia de Rose sat on a bench in her front garden, picking at a loose thread that was threatening to unravel the lace cuff on her left sleeve. As hard as she tried, she was never perfectly put together. Her governess always knew exactly where to find something amiss with her appearance. Madame Elyse had pointed out the grass stain on her pinafore when Catia was seven years old, the first time they’d met. Even now, ten years later, if her curls weren’t perfectly tucked away or her dress hadn’t been ironed, she was going to hear about it.

Footsteps clicked on the cobblestone lane before the stern-faced governess turned into the garden, followed by Catia’s best friend, Adele Lockwood. With a flick of her wrist, Catia snapped the dangling thread from the lace and clapped her hand over it. “Good morning, ma’am,” she said, standing to greet Madame Elyse.

The governess looked at her sleeve. “Is something wrong with your dress, Catia?”

“No, ma’am, nothing at all,” she said, tucking her hand behind her and hoping with everything that the cuff wasn’t going to start flapping as they walked to the schoolhouse.

She waited for the reprimand, but Madame Elyse just shook her head. “Let’s hurry to knitting class. There was some commotion in the Square when I came to retrieve you two. I hope it won’t disrupt our walk.”

Catia grabbed her satchel from her feet and fell behind the governess to walk next to Adele. She shut the white garden gate as they left.


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