Genre: Contemporary

Word Count: 61,000

Pitch: Two nineteen-year-old boys in Malaysia, one dying, and the other just learning to live. With little time left, Airil helps his best friend Dani make peace with himself, his sexuality, and his conflicted faith.


“My girlfriend doesn’t like you,” Airil says, handing me his latest collection of porn BluRay DVDs.

I take the discs and spread them on his king-size bed, which is almost as messy as the rest of his room. I hold up each of the six DVDs in turn and study the front and back cover. Two Asian, two American blockbuster parodies—*Twilight* and *Avengers*…don’t ask—one lesbian and one threesome. All of them have one common theme: huge breasts.

“You heard what I said, right?”

“Hmm?” I say, my attention on the back cover of the *Twilight* parody. I’m not sure if the addition of pornographic elements will make the movie any less boring. “But she doesn’t even know me,” I say without looking up.

Airil plops onto the bed in front of me, sending the DVDs jumping. “That’s what I told her. She won’t even tell me why. I mean, I know you don’t talk much and you’re awkward with strangers—”

“*Dungu*,” I snap, because he’s being an idiot. “I’m not awkward with strangers.” I flick the DVD at Airil. It hits his chest and lands on the hardwood floor. The cover pops open. The DVD has been stored with its back surface facing upward, and I can make out fingerprints on the blue-rainbow surface.

Truth is, I really am socially awkward, and we both know it.

Airil chuckles and retrieves the DVD. “Anyway, that’s why you’re coming with me to the birthday party tonight.”

“But she’s your girlfriend, not mine.”


  1. Move my pawn home.

  2. Rachel Brooks |

    I move my pawn 4 spaces!

  3. Congrats on the full request! I am certain I’ll see this on the shelves very soon! Well done, neighbour.

    ~ Melissa Nesbitt CALL OF THE KOEL (#teamfizzy #greenteam)

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