Pitch Madness Entry – SH-15 – DYING TO FIND YOU

Genre/Category: Urban Fantasy/New Adult
Word Count: 90,000 words

Pitch: Karie, a mass suicide cult survivor and college student, must rescue her witch-stolen physical body before a powerful man uses her to unleash hell on earth in seeking his own salvation.

Karie had faced down death twice in her life already, so dealing with a frat house full of drunken college students should have been no sweat for her.

But sweat she did because the frat boys, in their infinite wisdom, had cranked the heat up to aid in the removal of unwanted clothing. She gathered her long blonde hair in one hand and lifted it off her sweaty neck.

Standing by the open door wasn’t enough to cool her off and the thought of spending another hour watching her fellow college students act like they were shooting a Girls Gone Wild video was way too much for her.

A leather-clad girl stumbled out the door to puke in the bushes, a victim of too many Jell-O shots or possibly heatstroke. Karie saw someone circulating with a tray of the colorful offerings inside and shuddered. There was no way she would blindly drink anything anyone handed her ever again.

Sure, she had trust issues, but if you couldn’t trust your own mother not to poison you, who could you trust?

Leather Girl started round two of her pukefest, so Karie darted away from the doorway and smacked right into a chest reeking of beer and cologne. Hairy arms wrapped around her waist and crushed her to the foul shirt.

“You’re looking hellafine tonight. Let’s skip the dancing and go on up to my room. You know what they say: once you go Kappa you never go backa.”


  1. I will ‘buy a hotel’ here. Full request.

  2. Melissa Jeglinski |

    Sounds very interesting to me. I’d like to Buy A Property (query and first 75 pages.) Thanks so much!
    Melissa Jeglinski of The Knight Agency

  3. Buy a house card!

  4. I love the voice on this one. This is one I’d look forward to reading, because of the sassy voice and the hint of humor.

  5. I love that there are traces of humor in this despite the seriousness of the pitch. I get the sense of good balance here, and even after one page can tell it’s a voice and style of writing I’d totally enjoy. Congrats on all the bids! TeamFizzee, FTW!


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