Twitterville Agents-to-Follow Cheat-Sheet Part 3

Hello my dears!

Every time I’ve parked myself today to start this blog, our damn dog comes walking in with a pack of Pop-Tarts in his mouth. Like, a whole new pack of Pop-Tarts every few minutes. WHERE IS HE GETTING ALL THESE POP-TARTS!?

I legitimately still don’t know, you guys…

Anyway! I realized it’s been an age since I’ve done an Agents to Follow post.

More specifically, an age and a half. Looking at my original posts, half those agents work at different agencies now…I’ve been slacking. My apologies.

The gist here is these are agents I get a kick out of following, I list some of the reasons for those kicks, and I link to their Twitter page and agency where it’s all bold and pretty.

Also, I give each of them a GIF because I’m super professional and stuff.

And away we go!

Jenny BentThe Bent Agency

I’m inclined to just say “For reasons.” because hey, she’s Jenny Bent, but we can go for specifics, too!

Aside from running her own agency that is the bomb diggity and houses some amazing agents and clients, she’s sharp, knowledgeable, and approachable. I really dig how she’s constantly cheering on not just her own clients, but everyone in the Bent crew.

Plus, she’s not just all business all the time on Twitter which gives that brilliant human side we need to be reminded exists sometimes.

Basically, big fan of Jenny Bent.


Peter KnappPark Literary Group

I’m just going to level with you here… Peter is one of my favorite people, ever. I followed him on Twitter and was very impressed with him and his clients, but when he came to the Midwest Writer’s Workshop in 2014 as a faculty agent, I swooned a little. He is so freaking NICE, you guys. But he’s also an absurdly skilled agent.

You really can’t go wrong with Peter. You just can’t.


Connor GoldsmithFuse Literary

Whenever Connor comes up in conversation, I swear my natural reflex is to go, “Omg, CONNOR.” I met him last year, and hand to heart, that was how I greeted him. I’m super smooth.

Anyway, Connor is such a boss. His Twitter feed is full of knowledge bombs, industry truths, pop culture goodness, and general tidbits that make me sit there and nod like a fool.

If you’re not following this fine sir, you’re totally missing out.


Roseanne Wells and Monica Odom – Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency and Liza Dawson Associates (respectively)

I’m throwing these ladies in as a twofer because neither are *super* active on Twitter all the time, but they are both agents on #PubTalkTV, and therefore, you should follow them and behold the wisdom.

They are both fantastic agents, legit wonderful people, and I kind of want to snuggle them both, so. #SnuggleSealOfApproval


Victoria MariniGelfman Schneider/ICM Partners

Oh gods, Victoria is just the best. She is one of the feistiest people in all the land and such a badass agent. I love the way she talks about the world and her clients, and her passion for all these things is immeasurable.

She posts #QueryTips, industry info, and lots of good nuggets of advice, so there will be no regrets for bringing Victoria into your feed, trust.


Michelle RichterFuse Literary

Michelle is a relatively new agent, but she’s got a good history in publishing, having worked as an editor for St. Martin’s Press for eight years. She’s sharp and friendly on Twitter, and I think you’ll find her a sassy delight.

The lovely Michelle will also be one of the agents presenting as faculty and taking pitches at Midwest Writers this summer, so, you want in on that.

Also, she’s been running #1000Queries where she live-Tweets queries from her inbox, for a few months. I’m counting down on this and honestly, I don’t know what I’ll do with myself when she reaches 1000…


Margaret BailInklings Literary Agency

Margaret is good people. I like her a lot for a lot of reasons. One of the things I look for in agents on these lists is whether or not they are known for responding to questions, and Margaret is a good one for this.

Side note: Please do not misinterpret this as an invitation to flood any of these agents with relentless questions or comments. I just mean if you have a general comment/question during a natural opening, the ones mentioned might be inclined to reply if they are able. 

Anyhoozle. Margaret is very sweet and is known for her frequent #TenQueries sessions which can be very valuable in you’re in the querying process.

Look her up, thank me later!


Alec ShaneWriter’s House

Mr. Shane isn’t actually on Twitter super a lot, but when he is, he’s so on point. I like to think he condenses his awesome for those sporadic Tweets.

He Tweets industry stuffs, helpful tidbits, and does it all with just the right amount of snarky perfection. I’m completely sold.

Plus, he’ll also be at Midwest Writer’s this July, and he’s actively building his list. #ShamelessMWWPromotion


Joanna VolpeNew Leaf Literary

Joanna is another agent where I am trying really hard not to say, “SHE IS JOANNA VOLPE.” as my rationale for your needing to click Follow, but like…*whispers* she’s totally Joanna Volpe…

What I am saying here is she’s pretty damn awesome, she’s a wicked amazing agent, and I’m pretty sure anything she touches gets turned into a movie, but I’m still looking for links to back that up..


Carlie WebberCK Webber Associates

I really like Carlie. She runs her own agency which always impresses me, she Tweets helpful information and does it in a way that isn’t intimidating nor off-putting, and she has been known to update her #MSWL (manuscript wishlist) wants in her Tweets. Very cool.

Plus, her Twitter bio is my legit favorite. Possibly ever.


Jim McCarthyDystel & Goderich

I’ve been trying to think of how to explain my fondness for this fella. I could say that he has a lot of wisdom on his feed, and that he is a good name in publishing to watch, or even that he’s got enough non-industry Tweets to humanize him and keep things fresh.

But really, all that seems to pop into my head is: “Follow Jim. He knows his shit.”



Michelle WitteMansion Street

Michelle is one of my favorite Twitter agents because so often I forget that I’m talking to a TWITTER AGENT. I’m just chatting with Michelle. And I really love that. She’s Michelle the person, not just Michelle the agent, and that’s pretty damn great.

But! She’s also really swell as Michelle the agent. She tweets all the good stuff, so count on getting both sides of the coin with her. Industry insight and humanity. There is no losing here, folks.

Plus, she’s an author, so you’re getting like, a bonus side. (I’m aware I completely lost the side metaphor in there, but let me have my pride, guys.)


Bree OgdenD4EO Literary

I adore Bree and I’m only a little afraid of her. In the very best way. She’s got an eye for fabulously creepy things, and her feed is magnificent. She’s a pop culture wunderkind, super supportive of others, and is saying things you need to hear.

And just look at her Twitter bio, the gal is IN IT.

Plus, she seriously has the best. hair. ever. I mean, my damn.


Annnnnnnd scene!

This is not a fully comprehensive list by any means. I’m already jotting down names for another batch, so feel free to leave suggestions in the comments if you see any glaring omissions!

Now, my sweet loves, go forth, Follow with fervor, enjoy the Twitterverse, and be merry!

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Sweet Jeebus So Many GIFs…


  1. I didn’t see my amazingly-fabulous agent, Jessica Sinsheimer (co-creator of #MSWL and #PubTalkTV) on your list.

    Also, Sara Megibow is all kinds of awesome. 🙂

  2. Only because they were both listed in my first Cheat-sheet! 😀

    I need to post an updated one with everyone and their new agencies, heh.

  3. Thanks Fizzy! You’re the bestest 🙂 All that shameless promoting of the Midwestern conference and now I totes want to be there. It could be a problem since I’m currently freezing my big round rump off in CT. #conferencewannabeproblem

  4. Thanks for another great list. I love being able to follow great agents and soak up all of the advice. Also wanted to say thank you for making the twitter space less intimidating for the rest of us. 🙂

    Is the MWWC only for U.S. writers? Or can anyone attend? I’m in Ontario, Canada. Thanks!

    • Anyone can attend! Last year we had someone from Canada, and the year before, someone flew in from the UK!

      And they had a blast, so. #Enabler

      Check out for more info. And registration opens in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out! You can also follow them on Twitter @MidwestWriters or just watch my feed and I will absolutely Tweet when registration opens!

  5. You know what would also be cool?

    Hashtags to follow! (for writers, of course).

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