Agent Tales: They Might Even Be A Rockstar

Hello my darlings!

First off, yes the title is from a Hannah Montana song. I have a six-year-old. My musical experiences are limited currently…

Next up: Two weeks ago I had this badass idea for a blog about “rockstar agents” and set to work on asking permission to make some fabulous GIFs.

Hilariously, yesterday I was ironically scooped by one of the rockstar agents, the fabulous Jennifer Laughran, AKA Literaticat with her very own thoughts on rockstar agents.

Alas, if I hadn’t been ranting about peanuts and douchecanoes, we would have been twinsies and posted at the same time, 😉

But, since the GIFs are GIF’d, I am rolling with it!

So. Rockstar agents.

If you are a writer, chances are good you have an agent that you fangirl over. We can’t help it. Agents are celebrities in our land.

And there are a handful that are heralded as the gods/goddesses of industry that they very much are on blogs and Twitter.

Take my own agent, the unparalleled Miss Sarah LaPolla. I swooned over her on Twitter. I squealed when I met her in person at Midwest Writer’s. I still pinch myself daily that OMG SARAH LAPOLLA IS MY AGENT.


Sarah is a rockstar.

BUT. And here is where this gets important…

Yes, we have agents that are rockstar-esque to us. HOWEVER… That does not mean they are the right agent for you.

Read that again, because it’s pretty crucial.

One of the first agents I ever stood in awe of was Sara Megibow. She is a legend on Twitter. She is a general badass.


And when my query was rejected by her, I was GUTTED.

Like, curled up in the fetal position destroyed.


That was back when I was brand new at the whole query/agent thing. She was the first agent I found on Twitter, and thought surely, this was some kind of brilliant sign. I thought you found an agent you loved, and surely they would love you back.

Sometimes that happens. But it probably won’t.

No, you have to research. If I had, I would have seen that she, while AMAZING, Sara wasn’t looking for what I was pitching. Derp.

Or, you will find someone you like and have determined they are the agent for you.


And maybe your book isn’t what she is looking for, but she is YOUR ROCKSTAR AGENT, and when she rejects you, you feel like, OMG I HAVE RUINED MY CHANCE WITH MY ROCKSTAR AGENT.

Take a breath. All that means is she wasn’t right for your book.

And that is sooooo super important. They have to love the shit out of your book. They have to. Otherwise they won’t be able to sell it the way it needs to be sold.

That’s what you want. You want an agent that can sell the shit out of your book. It doesn’t matter how many Twitter followers they have, or how many blog comments they get. There are agents that don’t have blogs or Twitter accounts but holy damn, they may very well be the very best agent for you. EVER.

Sarah is a rockstar agent to me, because she fit as my agent. She *gets* me. I am not sure how or why, but damn it, it works. I can honestly say that in my talk with her during The Call, never once did it even occur to me to say, “Yeah, that’s all great, but how many Twitter followers do you have?”. Her being a badass on Twitter (which I maintain she absolutely is.) doesn’t mean much when it comes time to talk notes on my stories.

In the end, being a “rockstar” agent means very little to you as the author. You need someone who is the better half to your stories, and you can’t pigeon-hole yourself into thinking a certain breed of agent is all that you want or need. All you are going to do is screw yourself right out of opportunities that could be the ones to change your life.

With all that said, rockstar agents are amazing to watch.  I can’t tell you how much you can learn from these peeps. Like Mr. Brooks Sherman, for example.

Brooks Bowie

I love recommending agents to follow on Twitter because I can’t emphasize enough how valuable the information they dole out is. They can show you all the things that you could spend a lifetime googling and searching for random answers to questions you never would have thought to ask.

So yes. Have your rockstar agents. Swoon, fangirl, and SQUEEEE with abandon. But don’t trick yourself into thinking they are the only agent for you just because they are like, popular and stuffs.

Unless we are talking about Janet Reid. Then, no rules apply. Because it’s Janet Reid.

She isn’t a rockstar. She is a shark.  Kiss her ring, and back away slowly…


Nah, I’m just kidding.


I hope you all are having fabulous weeks!

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Rockstars!!!


  1. Lordy!! That’s hysterical!! how’d you do that?

  2. Oh my gosh, those GIFs are great! You are my rockstar! <3

  3. So true! I have a writer friend who would not query widely because her dream agent still hadn’t responded. Then when she got a rejection…she just stalled. You never know who’s going to love your manuscript and be your champion.

  4. I thought Sara La Benetar was hilarious until I saw Brooks’ and Janet’s.

    *claps* Thanks for the giggles!

  5. Leave the query. Take the kitten.

  6. This is fabulous. Very good advice!

  7. This is both amazing and very true! There are some agents I think are amazing from Twitter etc but they aren’t always interested in the kind of writing I do, so I just appreciate their advice and awesomeness and look for the agent that is right for me 🙂

  8. This is amazing. Just amazing. <3

  9. Simply awesome!

    I’ve never even looked at how many Twitter followers someone has other than myself >.< Then again, I just fake that I know what I'm doing and hope no one catches on 😛

  10. BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! My fave is the Query Shark and Bowie!

  11. This pretty much made my day. Wise words, and I had no idea Sarah had such awesome moves. Not that I’m surprised, of course.

  12. There is a place between you’re-the-one-and-only-agent-for-me and please-love-me-I-will-take-anyone-who-will-have-me, and I believe we all should strive for that middle ground.

  13. Oh, man–I love these! I’ve followed all of these agents for ages, and I agree, they are twitter rockstars. I didn’t query most of them, because of various reasons as you’ve highlighted, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them just the same!

  14. Simply amazing. Nicely done.

  15. Brooks Bowie! Fantastic. Does he want to be known as the Goblin King from now on?

  16. Jean Giardina |

    This post wins the internet today!

  17. It took me approximately a year to figure this out on my own. I’m one of those slow-but-get-there-eventually types. Awesomeness, but it slow-mo. Yo.

    Brilliant posts. I am very tired from teething baby and methinks I will just stare dancing agents tonight until the hypnoticness of their motions sends me into a dreamland full of agent-rock-operas . . .

    AWESOME post, btw. Luuurve.

  18. Carolyn Charron (@CarolynCharron) |

    Great GIFs and the advice is pretty awesome too. 😀

  19. This is a great reminder, and easy to forget. Kristin Nelson was the first agent I stumbled upon, and so became my first agent love. Is she right for me at all? Who knows? I’ll know when I query her.

    Has your daughter ever forced you to watch Hannah Montana? 😛

    • She absolutely has, lol. It was her first “favorite show” ever. The first time she ever danced was when I was flipping through channels and the theme song came on at like 11 months old!

      • Aww, that’s adorable! I usually don’t talk about my acting, but I played a character on that show. If you see me, wave to me…and rejoice that the re-run is donating to my college tuition money. 😀

  20. Elizabeth Evans-rockstar agent. Unfortunately, she no longer takes on fiction writers. A few years ago before she switched to non-fiction exclusively, I queried her with the 50 pages her guidelines asked for. Although, she sent a very nice rejection letter, Ms. Evans also took the time to go through my pages and make comments and suggestions. I can only imagine what sort of care she takes with her actual clients! Total rockstar!

  21. Wow! This is just. . .amazing! I’ve been following these agent (and they are rock-stars!), but despite their over-coolness, some are just not for me. I think it’s like designer jeans, they look great–darn, they ARE great. But my backside only fits in certain ones 😉

  22. Haha, this is fabulous and so true. Like you, I singled out a rock star agent and was DEVASTATED when she rejected my partial. It’s almost like a rite of passage. I had to get the stupidity out of the way so I could be realistic.

  23. LOVE this! The shimmying would be the best ever if it weren’t for The Shark. Great post, and so agreed. (Sarah Megibow was actually my first Agent Crush, too). I figure that rejection was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. 🙂

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