About Me

Okay.  A bio.  Here I go. Just so we are on the same page, I am not mentally capable of talking about myself in third person here, so there will be no, “Summer likes long walks on the beach and is conversationally inept.”  NONE OF THAT.

Let’s see.  I am a writer, a mom and a wife.  I am relatively badass at all these things.  You will notice I did not say housekeeper up there.  I suck at that.  Like, hard.  I am a stay-at-home-mom to two incredible little tots.  I am a wife to a computer ninja who is the skill behind all my web adventures.  I am a writer of very strange characters that if I didn’t put word to paper, they would take over my brain, and who knows what would happen then.  I write to SAVE LIVES, people.

When I am not donning my Super Mom/Wifey underoos, you will find me on Twitter.  And I will most likely be talking about writing or boobs or slow-cookers or my pants falling down.  Write what you know, yeah?  I blog about navigating Twitterville and my many misadventures in the world.  I write Women’s Fiction and dabble in YA when I’m feeling froggy for it.  You will find my fluency in profanity present in ALL THESE THINGS.

I’m a total geek.  I have a love of Benedict Cumberbatch that stops just below restraining order.  I am one cat away from starring in my own episode of Critter Hoarders.  The love for candy I possess is deep, and it’s real.  I collect owl things.  My knack for accidental public nudity will haunt me forever.   I giggle every time someone toots.  And finally, I alternate between talking like a Disney cartoon character and swearing with a fucking flourish.

That’s me.  Wait.  Why are you running away?