A Very Fizzy Halloween

Hello my fantabulous readers!

I love Halloween.  Love.  It.

I am sure this is shocking to no one given that I tend to have a flair for the dramatic, was a theatre major in college, and will use any excuse to wear excessive eye-shadow.

This year, I had a particularly difficult time coming up with a suitable costume.  I searched and searched, but it seemed my choices were limited to things like, Slutty Nurse, Slutty Zombie, Slutty Hot Dog, Slutty Secretary of State and so on.

Now, while I was certainly in the mood to get my strut on after having lost 35 unneeded pounds, I wasn’t exactly in the mood to have my fancy bits being aired out for all the kiddies to see as I take my tots Trick or Treating.

While my initial instinct was to pick something from my geek core with The Avengers being a top pick, I realized that either going as Slutty Thor or Slutty Captain America wasn’t what a true Geeklet such as myself would embrace.  Of course there was Black Widow, but I am short and have birthed both a 9 pound and a 10 pound child.  Trust me when I say that no one, and lordy, I mean NO ONE, wants to see this mess in a leather catsuit.

Getting down to the wire, I was starting to lose my enthusiasm, which offended me as a Halloween lover.  Come on now, there has to be a costume for people who don’t want to go as a Slutty Panda!!  (Seriously kids, that is a real thing.)

One night, as I laid in bed toiling over my now finished revisions, I was thinking about what would be a fair representation of myself this Halloween.

And there, at 1AM, I grabbed my phone and started searching for straight jackets.

I knew what I was meant to be, this fine Halloween.

I was going as a Writer.

Let it be known that this also works as, Querying Writer, Submitting Writer, Revising Writer, or any variation of this crazy profession.

Every year, some friends of mine throw a bitchin’ Halloween party which is pretty much the highlight on my calendar.  It is an adults only affair and sincerely has more booze than I have ever seen outside a professional bar setting.

And I have to share this because it is seriously the best costume I have ever seen in my life.  This is one of the other party goers.  Let it be known that this was a functional outfit, and on the inside was a cooler, and on the front, if you look closely, you can see a spout.  This woman was dispensing actual wine to the lot of us for the entire night.

And rest assured, every single “Box” joke was made.  Repeatedly.

Also at this party was Jesus.  Which made it slightly uncomfortable to drunkenly make Box jokes.  Jesus swore she forgave us.

Yep.  Jesus was a chick at this soiree.

Anyway, sacrilege aside, here is a look at my costume:

As I flounced around all night, I kept giggling at how oddly perfect this costume was for me.  I was going completely as myself.  The last few months have been so insanely stressful that half the time I feel like I am one inappropriate comment away from a real straight jacket and a Thorazine drip.

Don’t get me wrong, this is goooooooooood stress.  I could absolutely live with this being the rest of my life.  The idea that I am all *THISCLOSE* to fulfilling my biggest personal goal in life is well, it’s effing fantastic.  Terrifying, but effing fantastic.

I hope the agents who are currently in possession of my zippy little revisions understand that this is what I have looked like ever since I clicked SEND:

Of course, this could all end with a happy stack of rejections, but I choose not to think about that, or I fear my Hubs will get the straight jacket out again…

So what do you think, kids?  Did I capture the essence of Writerly Insanity?

Even more important, what are YOU going as for Halloween!?

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Straight Jackets!!



  1. Oh my gosh! I LOVE your costume! That is the most hilarious thing ever…and yet so true.

  2. If I wasn’t poor, I was going to go as Daenerys Targaryen. But I’m poor, so I’m improvising, and you’ll just have to wait for the pics.

  3. I was going to go as a zombie, but in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, that could be a poor choice. I think I’ll go as Evil Mary Poppins, aka myself.

  4. Outstanding! It is so unbelievably perfect. I liked the boxed wine costume, too, particularly given its functionality. And slutty panda was probably one of the best and most deeply scarring things I have ever viewed.

  5. My 16yo went as a mental patient. She ended up being a pampered princess because she couldn’t move her arms in her straight jacket so her boyfriend and other people at the party fed her.

    I hope you were also pampered and fed in your straight jacket.

    • See, now I feel like I missed out. Mine had snap arms and I could get free.

      The boxed Wine lady however had a hard ass time and people kept setting food on the top and making her eat like a giraffe…

  6. LOVE your post!! stole your pics of your outfit for my own personal memories of the party 😉

  7. Fantastic costume! Love the straightjacket, but I think my favorite is the spiky hair. I can’t even begin to imagine how one would get their hair to look like that.

    I, too, love Halloween for the character aspect of it. I can remember every costume I’ve ever had since I was four, and I always plan what I’m gonna be, like, months ahead of time.

    This year, I am going as a literary reference! Yay! I will be Arachne from the Greco-Roman myths. She is a young human artist (weaver) who beats Athena at weaving, and Athena gets so pissed that a human trumped her artistic skills that she turned Arachne into a spider.

  8. Christy Brubaker |

    I think you looked amazing! As you know, I have a secret girl crush on you…

  9. Fizzy, I think it’s perfect! You should wear your costume to MWW13 as well, we’ll all get a real kick out of it then!

    I’m going as a Fallen Angel and hoping we get a warm spell in the next couple of days or I’m going to freeze my feathers off o.o

    • Oh man, lol. That would certainly stand out! From Owl Backpack girl to straight jackets!!

      And yet, I feel no one would be the least bit surprised…

      I also laughed way to hard at, “freeze my feathers off”…

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