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Auntie Em, Auntie Em!

Hello my darlings! I had big domestic plans this weekend. Saturday we spent the day rearranging and sorting out our daughter’s room, and Sunday was set aside to do the same to our son’s. Woke up Sunday and felt motivated to be productive. Started it out by running off to our local Starbucks to grab coffee for us and hot chocolates for the kiddos. I love my Starbucks. This last week they’ve been very accommodating to me by concocting these Butterbeer lattes that make my geeky tastebuds soar. In fact, while I was there they had joked that I was the one to blame for a rush of people coming in store to order one of those yummy lattes because I’ve been Tweeting and Facebooking about it like it’s my job. I was Tweeting gleefully about this all morning yet again! A few short hours later, this was the state of my Starbucks… Fuck all, right? I’d gotten home with our drinks and we were plotting out the rest of our afternoons. Drew noticed a little ! over his weather app and looked to see that oh my holy shit, we were under a tornado watch. In November. Because of course. We decided that moving things in and out of the garage would be a bad plan with the rain so we decided to postpone. Then shit got quite real, quite fast. Suddenly the tornado watch became a tornado WARNING and we were paying attention in a big way. Mr. Drew is a storm spotter. He had to take some kind of exam and everything. Back before we had kids, we would gleefully semi-chase storms and get quite thrilled when tornadoes would come about, which is relatively often in Indiana. I remember the last time that was fun. I...

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A Fizzy Year in Review

Hello my loves! Oh, 2013. You naughty minx of a year. When I wrote my end of year blog as 2012 came to a close, I had the highest hopes for 2013. I was bouncing around with glee thinking of all the joy 2013 would bring! Yeeeeaaaaah… To quote a friend of mine: “You know, 2013 was kind of a dick to you…” Touche, 2013. Touche. I won’t lie. When I look back on the year, I am kind of sucked into a Negative Nelly spiral. It was an odd year. But, that’s not how I roll. I like the silver linings. So I’m going to review with a bit of balance. Because with the crazy also came some good. The Bad: “YOU HAVE CANCER.” This was a week of spastic flailing. To actually hear a doctor say the words, “It’s skin cancer.” Oh good gravy. The Good: “JUST KIDDING! NO CANCER!” For a week, I thought I was en route for things like chemo injections and surgery and all sorts of scary  things I’d been told by my doctor. Then suddenly, NOPE. All done. Here’s a badass prescription and you’ll be fine. I’m still shock blinking at a blank spot on the wall over this. The Bad: CRAZY IS GONNA CRAY This year. I can’t even. I legitimately cannot with mean/scary/jerky people anymore this year. Thankfully there is only one day left and I fully plan on not leaving the house, so HA. If these peeps somehow drip into my 2014 I will cry real tears. The Good: GISHWHES Oh, oh, sweet GISHWHES! I’m so freaking glad I participated in the world’s wackiest scavenger hunt.Watching my online family come together and donate money to the diaper drive for our local shelter was one of the greatest things I’ve...

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Genre: Contemporary Word Count: 60,000 Pitch: Montana Public Defender Scarlett Parker defends a young Native American facing the death penalty for a gruesome triple homicide and faces biased judges, cagey cops and an outraged community. Longmire with a feminine twist. Excerpt: “I’m screwed, aren’t I?” the kid said as the door to the interview room fell closed behind him. His tone was hostile, defensive and scared, all at the same time. I studied him for just a moment. Not what I expected. Tall, round-faced, thin. The silky long black hair of his Native American heritage. He looked about sixteen. He was, in reality, nineteen, and yes, he was screwed. Possibly more screwed than any client I had ever had. “Your situation isn’t good, Theodore,” I said, looking him in the eyes. “But we’ll talk, and I’ll figure out what we can do, okay? By the way, what do you like to be called? Theo?” His shoulders sagged, and what little bravado he had went out of him. “Ted, or Teddy,” he mumbled. “My Auntie calls me Teddy.” Teddy? Jesus Christ. Three dead bodies, my defendant was one of the killers, and he was Teddy? As in Teddy bear. Teddy bears are warm and fuzzy and my teenage daughter still had a collection of them. I was sitting across from a young man who’d been an integral participant in a gruesome triple homicide . I was in a concrete-block interview room in Yellowstone County, Montana, a few miles from the fifth-largest Native American reservation in the country, facing a Crow client who was little more than a kid. And how could he not be a kid to me? I had a daughter two years younger. The prosecutor was already making noise about pursuing the charges in these particularly gruesome murders as a capital...

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