Age Category:Young Adult
Word Count:76,000
Pitch:Determined to win a scholarship and break her Aboriginal family’s cycle of welfare dependence, love derails a deaf teenager’s plans. But it’s discovery of her Turkish boyfriend’s secret that may ultimately destroy her future.
First 250 Word of Manuscript:The bottom dropped out of my stomach like I’d hit a speed bump at one-fifty, and I goldfished for breath. The sudden stillness of the classroom meant five other girls—and probably at least two boys—also rated the new guy at precisely the same level as me. To. Die. For.

Hayley stiffened alongside me like a hunting dog. If I risked a glance at her I’d lose my shit for sure, because she’d be pointing with her boobs rather than her nose.

Disguising my reaction, I shoved a hand through my hair. And froze.* Damn.* Flouting school rules, my hair hung loose. I relied on the teachers to ignore my only defiance, rather than tackle a potentially embarrassing conversation, yet I’d exposed myself. Fingers raking through long bangs, I covered my hearing aids without taking my eyes off New Guy.

Oblivious to the no-touching-students rule, Mrs. Richter ushered forward the object of our interest. Deserting him a few feet into the classroom, she danced her impressive bulk backward, blocking the doorway as though fearing the boy would bolt. Like a wild animal.

Except he wasn’t a boy, and it looked like running away was the last thing he’d ever need to do. Returning the examination of twelve sets of eyes, he hooked a thumb through the strap of a backpack slung over broad shoulders. I could understand why he wore a sweatshirt, rather than the school windcheater. They probably didn’t even make the jacket in his size.


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