Title:Finders Keepers
Age Category:Adult
Genre:Contemporary Comedy Romance
Word Count:77000
Pitch:Between a break-up, unemployment, and a cross-country move, Caroline’s life can’t get any more topsy-turvy. That is until she becomes the victim of a mobile tiny house theft turned accidental kidnapping.
First 250 Word of Manuscript:“It’s downright tiny, Caroline,” my grandmother, Ethel, murmured.

Ethel Fitzgerald was not one to mince words. She was blunt and sometimes a little acerbic. Depending on whom you asked, some might go so far as to say she lacked tact, but to me she was a breath of fresh air in a town full of biddies that would say one thing and mean something else. I usually appreciated her honesty, but in that moment I would have preferred a compliment, even a disingenuous one.

“That’s why they call them tiny houses. It’s supposed to be small, Grandma. There’s tons of storage space, so don’t you worry. Let me give you the tour,” I said.

“Shouldn’t take long,” she muttered beneath her breath.

My grandmother’s criticism of my home stung something fierce. I gave her a tight smile and took a step further into the house. It had been a labor of love, all 262.4 square feet designed myself and built by my own hands. The house was more than wood and tile, nails and glass. It had been born from my own blood, sweat, and tears. There had been plenty of all three.

I took a deep breath and started my lengthy rundown of all the features the space boasted. Tiny meant squat if you utilized the space properly, which I most certainly had.

“This is the combined bedroom-living room. My bed is tucked beneath the window over here, and this wood cover slides out and extends over the top of the mattress to convert the space into a multipurpose table.


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