Age Category:Adult
Genre:Literary Fantasy
Word Count:84,000
Pitch:A female scientist in a male-dominated society hopes to prove her worth on an expedition, but she never anticipated sabotage. Now abandoned in uncharted land, surviving alone will become her greatest act of defiance.
First 250 Word of Manuscript:Penn hooked her elbow over the cornice of Thane’s third tallest tower and grunted as she hoisted herself to the top. With a quick spin she sat against the tower’s golden dome, her feet dangling eighty-five feet off the ground, above a city hosting an overabundance of two things: sand and heat. She checked her watch. Three minutes. A new record.

While the dome’s golden surface was blinding from the eastern side, she reveled in the coolness of slick metal against her back on the western side—the side she gambled the palace guards couldn’t see. She might be the daughter of Thane’s most prized researcher, and someone who worked in the palace labs for over a decade, but laws were laws.

At this height, Thane resembled the spectacular city the other eight Circled Kingdoms recounted in stories, and stories were powerful. Stories spread. An entire city and its million oh-so-lucky citizens crowded inside a stark seventy-foot white wall. From the backside of the research tower, however, the whole city hung behind her, and she alone enjoyed the view of what existed past the wall.

‘You never saw this, Daddy. You never got to set foot in the Farlands. But I promise, I will’.

She tipped forward just enough to glance down. The tiled walkway below appeared immaculate save for the spiderwebbed cracks her father created when he jumped from the tower three years earlier. But the fall didn’t kill him; a bed-ridden year passed before his busted and broken body gave up the fight.

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  1. Sharon Johnston |

    Adding this ninja attack on behalf of Jessica at Golden Wheat Literary:

    I’d like to request that these (to follow) send their full manuscript attached as a Word document, plus synopsis (with spoilers) of the manuscript their subbing, and short mention of any other works they have completed to Jessica@GoldenWheatLiterary.com

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