Title:The Substitute Princess
Age Category:Adult
Genre:Women’s Fiction
Word Count:88,000
Pitch:A twenty-something actress with a big heart and a mouth to match takes a job impersonating the press-shy fiancée of the prince of Monaco in order to save her family’s farm from foreclosure.
First 250 Word of Manuscript:The storm blew through central Missouri in the night, setting off tornado sirens in eleven counties. Of course, the sirens didn’t reach this far out of town; it was a text alert that sent Charley Dupree and her mother scurrying to the basement of the Rainbow House just after two a.m. By the time the warnings cleared, Charley had given up on sleep for the night. There were many kinds of storms in the world, and those that raged inside the skull were at least as scary as the ones that blew down houses. There’d been thunder and lightning That Night, too.

The screen door squealed as Charley left the house, causing a gray and white cat to leap off the porch swing and streak toward the barn. “Sorry, Thumper,” she murmured. Her phone chimed; she glanced down to see Julian Hoffman’s name on the screen:

*House still standing thot thunder mite shook it apart.*

Charley grinned. Sometimes she thought Julian’s extra chromosome had replaced his missing IQ points with a supernatural ability to sense when she got up in the morning.

*My house has been standing for a hundred years, it’ll outlast your wimpy ranch, dude.* A whoosh as the message winged its way up the hill to the gray-roofed house peeking above the rows of pines.

A pause, and another chime. This text was from Mark: *Nobody talks smack about the Rainbow House except Charley.*

Charley laughed and slid the phone in her back pocket.


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