Title:The Uncanny Rejects
Age Category:Young Adult
Genre:Science Fiction (Superheroes)
Word Count:84,000
Pitch:Every year, Wexstrom’s College for Arch-Humans rejects countless would-be-superheroes. But when they reject Portia Howard, she rejects their rejection. Forming a team of fellow failures, she’ll prove Wexstrom’s wrong or die trying (probably the latter).
First 250 Word of Manuscript:*Dear Miss Portia Howard,

We would like to thank you for considering Wexstrom’s College for Arch-Humans in your search for where to hone your super-powers and refine your moral character. While we were very impressed with your accomplishments, unfortunately we are unable to offer you admission at this time. As the world’s first school to specialize in the development of super-natural abilities, we do not make our admission decisions lightly and only have done so after great time and contemplation over your application.

Please do not take this denial of admission as a rejection or, even worse, as a sign that you are simply not fit to fight evil. There was a very competitive and skilled class in this year’s applicant pool. While we do not doubt your commitment and abilities, we cannot, as much as we would like to, offer every special-powered applicant a place at our establishment.

Wexstrom’s College for Arch-Humans would like to wish you the best in all your future endeavors. We look forward to vanquishing villainy alongside whichever team you join in the coming years.


Marie Glyde,

Dean of Admissions

Wexstrom’s College for Arch-Humans*

Fun fact: the average high school student wastes over 400 sheets of paper on college applications. I’ve done the math (I’ve done the math on a lot of things). Your typical tree produces 8,335 pieces of standard paper. Wexstrom’s College for Arch-Humans accepts less than 5% of its applicants. So for every student that Wexstrom’s accepts, there’s a murdered tree’s worth of paper from dream-crushed high school seniors.


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