Age Category:Adult
Genre:Women’s lit
Word Count:86000
Pitch:Mallory is dead at twenty-five with no memory of how she died while falling in love with the man she haunts. Mallory hopes she doesn’t scare him to death. Then again, maybe she does.
First 250 Word of Manuscript:“Rise and shine, pretty boy!” I shout at him and he doesn’t respond.

Of course not. Almost two months have passed and I’m still dead.Evan rolls over with a sigh and slaps in the wrong direction for the alarm. I suppress a smile, as if he could see my expression. He stumbles out of bed yawning and stretching. His boxers make a tent and I laugh, feeling awkward as usual.

I follow him into the bathroom, but spin to face the wall when he strips off his plaid underwear and steps into the shower. The hooks clink across the shower rod and I turn back around to wait. Evan has been naked in front of me before, but each instance felt too invasive. That’s why I look away whenever possible now.

It takes a minute, but soon his ritual morning sounds begin. Evan busts out a few notes that are too sparse to make a real melody, a bird lacking a tune. I chime in with him and try to morph it into a song. Really, he’d be surprised at how good we are at this.

His shower lasts longer than normal, or maybe it just feels that way to me. Time is a funny thing to judge when it’s all you have — and yet you still tend to lose track of it.

The water shuts off when the bathroom is saturated with steam. Evan gropes around the wall for the navy blue towel.

“That’s old, remember? You forgot to do laundry last night. Again.”

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