Title:The Silver Woods
Age Category:Middle Grade
Genre:Fantasy Adventure
Word Count:30,000
Pitch:Isla follows her grandfather into The Silver Woods. She soon realizes his tall tales are not tales at all. They are real – and they’re after her. BIG FISH for MG.
First 250 Word of Manuscript:Isla Morgan swore she’d never cross the invisible line. The precise point where the grass stood unkempt and scraggly near the trees outlined the forbidden threshold. Even the blanket of fog stopped there, standing at attention as gatekeeper warding off trespassers. The village council voted on the spot where the line should be, six yards away. No one would be forced to mow the weeds any closer to the woods. Dangers lurked, even on the outskirts. But Isla kept running. She didn’t even slow down.

Shouting and pleading voices faded as she plunged into the forest, the heavy air dampening her face. The tall grass receded as trees took over, stealing the moisture away for themselves. She’d broken the one rule her parents gave her, but it didn’t matter. She had it. She had her grandfather’s watch.

Her lungs screamed to the point of bursting and a cramp in her left leg would soon make running impossible, but she trudged on, certain they wouldn’t follow her this far, but she had to make sure.

A snaggly root decided for her when it was time to stop. She tripped, flying forward, glancing ahead in just enough time to avoid a massive tree trunk. She did not have as much luck with the smaller one. It was not much more than a sapling. The tree’s fresh green smoothness merely masqueraded as protective bark. As she flew forward, the sapling snapped in half as sharp skewers tore through her best Sunday overcoat.


  1. This sounds amazing. THE MEGA MUSHROOM — please send me the full!

  2. Definitely going to use my BLOOPER!

  3. I’d like to throw the Blooper challenge item! I’m so excited to read this ms 🙂 It sounds fantastic!

  4. Surprise ninja attack… I’ll throw a mega-mushroom for this. Please send as a word doc with your query in the first page to whitley [at] inklingsliterary [dot] com


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