Age Category:Young Adult
Word Count:79,000 words
Pitch:Aspiring teen chef Ivy discovers culinary inspiration in India, and romance with fellow expat Raj, but her disapproving mother threatens to send Ivy home, costing her love and crushing her foodie dreams.
First 250 Word of Manuscript:When it comes to late-night misery, the only thing worse than jet lag is sharing a bed with a squirmy eleven-year-old. I jab Miles with my elbow. “Quit kicking me.”

“I can’t sleep. And I’m thirsty.” He sits up and pushes the covers away. “Do you think it’s okay if I fill my water bottle from the tap?”

“No! Remember what Dad told us? We can’t drink the tap water here.”

“Could we go buy some? I think I saw vending machines when we were up at the pool.”

Chances are good our parents won’t miss us. They’re crashed out in the double bed next to ours, snoring away. But it’s almost midnight and we’re eight thousand miles from home, at a high-rise hotel in India. These aren’t normal conditions.

“Please, Ivy?” Miles says. “Otherwise, I’ll never get back to sleep.”

“Fine. But let’s be quick. If Mom wakes up and sees we’re gone, I’m the one that’ll get in trouble.” The last thing I need is another lecture on responsibility.

I scrawl a quick note and leave it on my pillow: ‘Went to get water. Back in five.’ Following Miles into the hall, I shut the door quietly behind me.

When we emerge from the elevator onto the roof, hot, smoggy air envelops us. The pool is eerily silent, the light shimmering off the water. From below, the barrage of horns melds into a noisy blur. I wonder if New Delhi is like New York—a city that never sleeps.


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